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'Project Earth 2' Announced - Screens

by Thomas on March 21, 2003 @ 8:27 a.m. PST

CITY interactive announces that their development team has already started working on a new title called Project Earth 2. Development has started last year and CITY is planning to have the title ready for sale at Q4 2003. (thanks Blues)

The company CEO, Mark Tyminski stated: "Project Earth 2 is our break through title. We target all strategy fans and by the quality we plan to bring, we hope to receive high rating across special interest press all around the world. We have learnt a lot from its prequel experience and now is the time to give players what they really want. We strongly believe to achieve great sales across all territories worldwide".

About the game

The 3D space strategy Project Earth 2 is packed with action and fight scenes accessed through an extremely simple and clear user interface. With an innovative storyline and richly detailed graphics, it represents a technological step forward in the space RTS genre.

For more information about the game check the official website

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