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Doors Open for 'Chrome' Beta - Signup Info

by Rainier on March 21, 2003 @ 8:45 a.m. PST

Players take on the role of Logan, a mercenary turned bounty hunter trying to make it rich in gloomy 22nd century Valkyria, where the wild elements of nature conflict with the technology of the future and no one suspects a silent assassin is on the prowl. His target? Anything will do…

Click here to find out for yourself why Chrome has been labeled a “Sleeper Hit for 2003”

Chrome is a tactical shooter that brings a new twist to the FPS genre with its unique combination of established FPS standards and truly innovative elements. Players take on the role of Logan, and using a system of implants, are able to alter his abilities in order to survive the 14+ action-packed missions. Logan will take part in breathtaking chases in futuristic vehicles, become a silent assassin striking at unwitting enemies, and use his heavy plasma gun and implant enhanced muscles to storm through enemy lines.

  • Use 8 kinds of vehicles, including four-wheelers, armored transporters, shuttles, and even mechs in single and multiplayer mode
  • Use a wide range of implants to improve your character’s abilities and become a stealth assassin or a “living tank” in single and multiplayer mode
  • Out shoot up to 16 opponents in multiplayer mode using powerful weapons and invincible vehicles against the mind-blowing backdrop of Valkyria
  • Use over 18 kinds of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers, electric beam throwers and plasma rifles in your fight
  • Forget yourself in the unbelievable depth of the unique gaming experience – marvel at the breathtaking, extremely detailed graphics and stunningly realistic physics of the Chrome engine

Become an interstellar mercenary and prove your skills in 14+ missions in tropical forests, rocky deserts, canyons, and snowy glaciers as well as inside the futuristic complexes of corporation labs, military bases and orbital stations

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