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World War II Online

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'World War II Online' v1.8 Update & Macintosh Free Trial

by Thomas on March 22, 2003 @ 5:07 a.m. PST

Also part of this update is an all new third-person animation system and new infantry models with increased detail, new animations and transitions with the ability to more quickly add new infantry features. 1.8 also brings the next-generation of attrition and supply with the added capability of a vehicle reservation system which saves your vehicle for redeployment when you successfully return-to-base.

“The new infantry system and update rate make the already compelling infantry gameplay absolutely outstanding ,” says Dana Baldwin, Producer at Cornered Rat Software.

The update is available to all subscribers as a free download from the official website. WWII Online is available for both Windows and Macintosh OS. More details on this update and how to get the game can be found by visiting the official website at


Starting March 21st, Macintosh players can visit ( to download the game and get an exclusive 2 week free trial subscription.

“We are really excited to have Inside Mac Games as a partner,” says Al Corey, Marketing Manager at Playnet. “The Mac release of the game brought many new players to the virtual battlefield and we want to be sure all Mac gamers have a chance to check it out.”

“Mac gamers have been itching to play World War II Online since it was released on the PC.” says Tuncer Deniz, Publisher of Inside Mac Games. “And now Mac gamers have a chance to try out this impressive game for free. We’re extremely excited to be working with Playnet on this special promotion.”

WWII Online is still the first and only massively multiplayer first-person virtual battlefield that covers a ½ scale map of Europe with accurate terrain modeling. It allows thousands of players to fight 24/7 in a persistent world in which character advancement and career paths provide a rich RPG layer, and strategic systems are driven by player missions and command structures. Players from around the world can take part in creating new history while fighting on the battlefields and skies of Europe.

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