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'Action Replay' For Xbox

by Thomas on March 24, 2003 @ 8:41 a.m. PST

Datel, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of innovative video game enhancement products, today announced the release of Action Replay for the Microsoft Xbox games console. Action Replay is a revolutionary cheat system and game save manager designed specifically to unleash the power of Xbox.

Action Replay is preloaded with hundreds of game-busting cheats (called "Powersaves"TM) for all the latest and greatest Xbox games. Now you can reach the final level; access all areas; unlock hidden characters, weapons and vehicles; and much, much more.

To use Action Replay for Xbox you'll need access to a PC with Windows 98 or higher.

To access Action Replay's cheats, simply load a Powersave from your PC onto Action Replay's specially enhanced 8MB memory card. You do this by inserting the memory card into the supplied docking station, which is connected to your PC's USB port. Now you can move both Powersaves and regular saves to and from your Action Replay memory card using the slick PC software supplied. Drag and Drop functionality makes this software simple to use, and the docking station means you don't need your Xbox and PC next to each other. In fact you don't even need them in the same room.

Once you've copied your Powersave to the Action Replay memory card you can access it like a regular Xbox game save. Powersaves can even be transferred to your Xbox hard drive if required.

Action Replay can also solve more than your gaming problems. If you're running out of hard drive space on your Xbox then Action Replay can also solve your storage problems too. Another major advantage of XBox Action Replay is that by storing your XBox game saves on your PC you are freeing up valuable space on your console's hard drive or standard memory card. When you need to access an archived save, simply transfer it back to your Action Replay memory card.

It's easy to update your Action Replay with new Powersaves. Datel's team of programmers produces 100% unofficial, game-busting Powersaves for the very latest Xbox titles. These can be downloaded at any time from, the home of Action Replay. Using the PC software supplied, this process is as simple as dragging the file name of the Powersave you want into your chosen destination.

Or why not prove you're the best gamer by sharing your own saves with other users? An added feature of the Xbox Action Replay is the ability to upload your own saves to your PC and share them with a friend or the online Action Replay community. With this you can create rosters for sports games, custom cars for racing games, or exchange new levels and game updates. This bonus feature adds even more value to Action Replay for Xbox.

So, no more typing in new codes. No more disc swapping. Action Replay offers totally unauthorised cheats giving you greater flexibility in how you play your games.

Action Replay costs £29.99 and ships on March 28th. The product is available from all good games retailers or can be purchased online direct from

Summary of features for Action ReplayTM Xbox version:

Preloaded with game busting Powersaves for the latest and greatest Xbox games

100% unofficial cheats that you won't find anywhere else

Includes specially enhanced 8mb memory card (rrp £19.99)

Includes high speed USB docking station for PC link up (Requires a PC with Windows 98 or higher)

Easy to update with new Powersaves (PC internet connection required)

Trade game saves with friends and other users via e-mail or the web

Dedicated support site features massive archive of Powersaves and Community Saves (saves created by users)

Action Replay's software lets you quickly access saves stored on your PC and online

Save valuable hard drive/memory card space by storing your Xbox game saves on your PC's hard drive

Easy to use - just plug in and play via your PC's USB slot

PC software with user friendly "drag and drop" graphic interface

From the makers of the best-selling cheat code system for PlayStation2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance (source: official Chart Track sales figures for 2002-03)

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