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Enigma: Rising Tide

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation

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'Enigma: Rising Tide' - Updated Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on March 24, 2003 @ 11:32 a.m. PST

Get the Enigma: Rising Tide demo off Worthplaying (110mb)

Enigma: Rising Tide is an exciting, massively-multiplayer game featuring fast-paced ship-to-ship battles with very high player densities. Enigma: Rising Tide will unfold a detailed backstory in which three Great Power "Empires" wage war against each other using submarines, destroyers, destroyer escorts, corvettes, tankers, merchantmen, and aircraft. The game is designed to be action-filled and easy-to-learn while providing depth of strategy and cinematic cat-and-mouse suspense. Eventually, player actions and decisions will steer the direction of the alternate history story and the evolution of the online war .

"Alchemy has saved us a lot of time on our project without sacrificing the quality. A large part of this is due to our partnerships with industry-leading graphics and multiplayer technologies, facilitated by Intrinsic Graphics," said Kelly Asay, President of Tesseraction Games, Inc. "The customer support has been excellent and has provided ideal solutions for various challenges we have faced. Intrinsic Graphics has also assisted us in getting exposure for our product and company which in and of itself has been very valuable."

"The Tesseraction team has created stunning environmental special effects using Alchemy. Enigma is an excellent example of cutting-edge game technology that pulls in players and enhances gameplay. This game shows what can be done with MMOG graphics," said T. Paul Thomas, CEO of Intrinsic Graphics, Inc. "It's common knowledge that the future of gaming is networking. Tesseraction is on the cusp of this technology with Enigma and the MMOG version."


  • Some operating system and hardware combinations will cause a crash on resolutions other than 800x600. If you experience a crash on exit of the game, please set your resolution to 800x600 in the Preferences Screen. This issue is under investigation. We will keep you appraised of our progress on our website.


  • For more detailed help on the game controls, please see the Instructions document in your Enigma folder. Written in an FAQ format, it provides a good explanation of how to steer your ship, use your binoculars, and fire your weapons. However, here are some reminders and tips on game features:
  • There are several ways to drive your vessel. Experiment until you find the style that works for you. The vehicle can be steered via the compass, the rudder, or the radar screen, depending on your preference.
  • Make good use of your binoculars and/or periscope to scan the waters around you. In combination with the radar screen (actually a representation of sonar, lookouts, hydrophones, and other intelligence), you have a lot of information available for tactical decision-making. Again, there are several ways to use your binoculars or periscope to best effect. Stay alert.
  • Keep an eye on your present speed and bearing on the compass. Different vessels have different maneuvering characteristics, too. Experiment with pivot turns, flank speed, and backing water. It's all about bringing more weapons to bear on your opponent while staying as far out of his range as possible.
  • You can access an exterior view of your vessel by hitting F5, but you have no control over your ship while you do so. Enjoy the exterior "cinecam" view, but be wary. You'll need to be present on your bridge to issue commands to your crew.
  • Remember you can jump into first person control of any gun on the ship if you want to put a personal touch on a few shots.
  • In subs, don't forget to do dive prep if you think you're going to have to take her under in a hurry. That 15 second delay while your crew gets below can be fatal. By the same token, if you're on the surface, your crew won't get out and uncork the deck guns unless you've issued the Surface command.
  • Watch out for planes on your radar screen. They're the REALLY fast-moving blips. On the radar, the closer a range you focus on, the more detailed the information you get.

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