'Silent Line: Armored Core' In June For PS2

by Thomas on March 26, 2003 @ 2:55 a.m. PST

Agetec, Inc. announced the next title in the Armored Core series, Silent Line - Armored Core for the PS2 will be published in June, 2003.

Released in Japan in January 2003, Silent Line - Armored Core became the number one selling videogame across all platforms for the first month of its release. "The growth of the Armored Core property in the last two years has been phenomenal," said Mr. Hide Irie, President and CEO of Agetec, Inc. "To see Silent Line - Armored Core perform this well in Japan is a healthy indicator of its potential for sales in North America." Silent Line - Armored Core continues where Armored Core 3 left off -- a future Earth that has seen the collapse of Controller-dominated society and the return of humans to the surface of the planet. Players once again take on the roles of AC pilots and mercenaries in a world ruled by mega corporations bent on turning a profit. With the whole surface of the planet ripe for the picking, opportunities abound for those Ravens willing to risk it all. And risk it they must, if the mystery surrounding an impassible region known as the Silent Line is to be revealed.

Silent Line - Armored Core features the following firsts for the series:

  • New Armored Core designs -- more than 200 new parts and accessories for the players to earn and customize their Armored Core units.
  • New "Cockpit P.O.V." is immediately accessible to the players -- they get to see the action right from the Raven's point of view.
  • "Disable Weapon" Feature -- Gives players the ability to destroy/disable their opponents' weapons systems, thereby rendering them powerless.
  • New Advances to the Armored Core technology include:
  • Updated 4-Player Arena Mode -- Using the i-Link Cable, up to 4 players can battle simultaneously in a newly styled, multiple functioned VS Mode.
  • Special Compatibility -- If players own Armored Core 3, they may import all previously created Armored Core Units into Silent Line - Armored Core, via their PS2 Memory Card.
  • Iincludes Dolby SURROUND ProLogic II, so the sound FX and music have as much impact as the graphics
  • AI Unit Creation -- Allows gamers to create their own Arena ladders using player-trained AI AC units.

Silent Line: Armored Core is the fourth Armored Core title published by Agetec, Inc., exclusively for play on the PS2.

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