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'Knight Rider' Zooms Into North American Stores

by Rainier on March 26, 2003 @ 9:32 a.m. PST

Tri Synergy announced today that the company’s new PC racing, action-adventure title, Knight Rider, has shipped to North American retail outlets nationwide. Based on the classic 80’s TV series, Knight Rider features advanced play modes and boasts 10 action-packed missions that will propel players through 15 different rich environments. Knight Rider is rated E for Everyone, and has a street price of $29.99.

“Knight Rider will bring players of all ages to the forefront of this popular saga,” said Shane Nestler, executive vice president of Tri Synergy. “Combining tactical strategy and fast-paced action, Knight Rider delivers a unique twist on a renowned property.”

In Knight Rider, players take on the role of the technologically advanced crime-fighting car, KITT. Fighting alongside Michael Knight, the legendary duo fight to protect the innocent from the threats of the world’s most evil villains. Players will have full use of all of KITT's special features, including all the extras that fans of the TV show will remember. These consist of Turbo Boost, Ski-mode, Micro Jammers, Super Pursuit Mode, Night Vision and Scan Mode. Also making a guest appearance in the game are Bonnie Barstow and Devon from the popular hit TV show. Knight Rider will bring the era of the 80’s back to life in this retro PC title.

About Knight Rider

KITT, a sentient, top-secret super-car programmed to protect human life, will fight crime alongside the intrepid Michael Knight through 10 action-packed missions taking place in over 15 different environments. KITT is fully equipped with various modes that will be used to help Michael Knight protect the innocent in a world of criminals who operate above the law. These features include Ski Mode to balance on two wheels to squeeze through tight spots, Super Pursuit Mode for those high-speed situations, Turbo Boost to leap forward and Micro Jammers and Scan Mode for jamming frequencies and scanning buildings. The game will also feature an all-star cast from the hit TV series such as Michael Knight, Bonnie Barstow and Devon, as well as the classic Garth, KARR and Goliath.

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