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Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Rainier on March 26, 2003 @ 11:54 p.m. PST

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own post, we grouped them and so far there are trailers for :

  • Planetside (SOE)
  • RavenShield (UbiSoft)
  • ShadowBane (Ubisoft)
  • Pro Race Driver (Codemasters)
  • Warrior Kings:Battles (Empire)
  • Splinter Cell (UbiSoft)
  • SpyHunter

  • Read more for download links ...

Get the PlanetSide intro off Worthplaying (1min25/12mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Massively Multiplayer Gaming takes on a new face in PlanetSide™, where thousands of players wage war in a battle of planetary proportions. A newly designed 3D engine drives PlanetSide's first-person player-to-player combat and vehicular warfare across ten continents. The stage has been set, the battle lines have been drawn, and orbital drop pods are ready to deploy you PlanetSide.

Get the Splinter Cell (PS2) Intro Part 4 off Worthplaying (1min/21mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Splinter Cell™ will grant players access to the highest echelons of national security, where shadowy operatives have the freedom to do whatever it takes to safeguard America. In Splinter Cell™, the player controls Sam Fisher, a field operative of a secretive "black-ops" NSA sub-agency called Third Echelon. Sam Fisher is geared up to infiltrate high-security strongholds, seize critical intelligence, destroy threatening data and neutralize the enemy - all without leaving a trace. Developed by Ubi Soft's Montreal Studio in Canada, Splinter Cell™, is a unique experience that will have the player thinly skate on the fine line that separates fact from fiction.

Get the Warrior Kings Battles trailer off Worthplaying (1min5/3mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Set in a fantastical medieval world where small Kingdoms struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of knights, and demons, you are the ruler of a new kingdom, born from the ashes of a once mighty realm. To resurrect this realm to its former glory you must forge order out of chaos by uniting the fragmented lands into a single, mighty empire under the rule of one warrior king - you.

Get the Spyhunter trailer off Worthplaying (1min30/18mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Get behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor for high-speed, mission-based racing in exotic locales. As the Spy Hunter, you are relentlessly pursued by hordes of air, ground and water enemies as you battle to accomplish your missions and save the world from the mind of a madman. A remake of the arcade classic, Spy Hunter boasts ultra-realistic 3D graphics, real-world locales and the only vehicle capable of morphing into a boat, jet ski or motorcycle. Explosive weaponry and impressive defensive mechanisms combine with intense speed and strategy to distinguish Spy Hunter from routine combat racers and traditional action racing games.

Get the Toca Race Driver trailer off Worthplaying (1min5/12mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Retaining the series’ core values of close-contact racing with real cars, real teams, real track, real drivers and an astounding damage engine, TOCA Race Driver introduces a character-based narrative and episodic storyline. The game blends real world global championships with a fictional cast; the player takes the central role of aspiring driver Ryan McKane. The heart of the game sees the player advancing Ryan’s career from a test driver to a potential world champion. Ryan’s races form part of the evolving narrative which involve his racing colleagues and his fiercely competitive family who have a rich heritage in motor racing.

Get the Shadowbane trailer off Worthplaying (59sec/12mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Shadowbane is set in the genre of dark fantasy. After millennia of strife, toil, and struggle, Aerynth suffered a massive catastrophe from which it has yet to recover... Players are born as children of this new Dark Age, known to the inhabitants as the Age of Strife, and the game begins approximately one hundred years after the near-complete collapse of the civilized world.

Get the R6 RavenShield Trailer off Worthplaying (2min26/24mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2 <--> European Link

Rainbow Six®: Raven Shield features a brand new Tom Clancy storyline in which Team RAINBOW is led all over the world in a string of dramatic operations. The game will utilize graphics technology provided by the next-generation Unreal™ engine to power 15 new single-player missions that include the discovery of a cache of biological weapons and stopping an armed gang from terrorizing a London bank.

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