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'Panzers' - Screens

by Rainier on March 27, 2003 @ 12:31 p.m. PST

Panzers takes you into the heady battles of World War II. Whether you play in towns with bullet-riddled buildings, bleak mountain landscapes or treacherous swamps - Panzers gives you real-time combat rampages in awesome 3D graphics. Create your combat force from over 100 finely detailed units, from a flame-throwing squad over a Soviet Stalin Organ rocket launcher through to a German Koenigstiger battle tank. You are the commander - demolish your enemy by using your skills in war strategy. Experience the nerve-jangling thrill of strategic gaming - in Panzers!

Features :

  • WW2 sets the scene for enthralling tactical combat
  • Totally 3D: terrain, units, buildings, weather, sound, movement, effects - realistically portrayed in the smallest detail
  • Every unit is designed with a realistic field of view and sound, experience and external conditions influence the range
  • More than fifty individually controllable and historically accurate vehicles: tanks, cannons, lorries, jeeps and motorcycles
  • A huge arsenal for the infantry: flame-throwers, bazookas, various shells, and mines, to name a few
  • Soldiers creep, crawl, run, and dive for cover
  • Infantry makes use of equipment including bandages, field telephones, binoculars and even rubber dinghies
  • Using an ingenious bonus system, your troops gain prestige points that you can use to buy more units or make upgrades and repairs
  • Finely-detailed war-damaged equipment and constructions: from realistic function failure to total annihilation Dramatic campaigns with German, Russian and Allied troops
  • 4 engaging multiplayer functions with several specially developed battlefields Training camp for all strategies and units with special abilities
  • Support from bombers, hunters, scouts and ship's artillery

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