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'SeaBlade' (XB) In Stores Today - Screens

by Thomas on March 28, 2003 @ 3:16 a.m. PST

TDK Mediactive Europe announced today the release of its multiplayer action shooter "SeaBlade". Taking full advantage of the awesome potential of the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, "SeaBlade" delivers unprecedented combat action with its fully articulated vehicles above and below the water across six diverse and apocalyptic environments.

Barry Stearns, UK National Account Manager for TDK, said: "Fly vehicles in open environments, liberate the oppressed, crush tyrants and join the struggle to survive. That's the name of the game in this Xbox exclusive adventure. "SeaBlade" will fly into retail in March to the applause of retail and gamers alike looking for the best action arcade shooter using air and underwater vehicles ever!"

About "SeaBlade"

Earth in the year 2350 bears little resemblance to the world of the past. A massive subterranean earthquake known as the 'Ring of Fire Cataclysm' slammed the Pacific Ocean floor with the impact of 200 hydrogen bombs. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis of biblical proportions ravaged the planet causing the Greenland ice sheet to melt, radically altering ocean levels around the planet.

With most of the world's economic centres submerged or levelled, the equator now divides 24th century Earth into the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots.' The southern hemisphere continues to prosper under democratic rule, but genocidal battles have fuelled the rise of tyrannical despots oppressing and exploiting the ravaged and water-soaked populations to the North.

Northern refugees managing to escape, tell tales of three mad overlords brutally beating down resistance, major cities garrisoned, and large armies being mobilized to invade the South. Bizarre stories depict the three warlords as almost supernatural beings wielding immense power with strange, giant engines of destruction that emerge from the far northern reaches.

Scientific and reconnaissance missions sent north to investigate the developing events vanish without a trace. In response to the looming crisis, the Southern government deploys the Argosy, a gigantic super carrier outfitted with a phalanx of SeaBlades; high performance air-sea rescue vehicles capable of flight and water submersion. The Argosy's mission includes: the rescue of northern populations, engagement of military operations against the three, feudal overlords and scientific investigation of the Bering Strait.

As it moves dutifully north along the Pacific Ocean, the Argosy and its crew must liberate the oppressed people of the northern territories; crush the three feudal tyrants and head towards an encounter with an unknown power in the far northern reaches of the world.


"SeaBlade" is a pure arcade action shooter, merging the best elements of classic arcade shooters into an intense, white-knuckle action game that pushes the limits of the Xbox technology. The single-player experience has the player fighting through 30 progressively more difficult levels and 3 bosses, complete with power-ups which enhance firepower, speed and defences.

Up to four players can battle simultaneously in multiplayer, split-screen style. Unlock ships and technology in the single-player campaign to use in multiplayer battles. Co-op, death match, and boss bash are some of the different types of games available in multiplayer mode.

Features include

Eleven exciting, fully articulated SeaBlade vehicles to choose from.

Six diverse, apocalyptic environments featuring branching routes for extended game-play.

Advanced offensive and defensive weaponry for maximum firepower.

Realistic water motion, physics, environments and caustic effects.

Environmental weather effects like rain, snow and volcanic fallout.

Full range of particle systems for dynamic effects and added realism.

Three ominous boss creatures stand between the player and victory.

Multiplayer for up to four players simultaneously in co-op or competitive mode

Completing single player missions unlocks additional SeaBlades and other vehicles for multiplayer.

Living, breathing cities full of traffic, pedestrians and animating signs.


"SeaBlade" for Xbox will be available at a suggested retail price of £39.99 on March 28th 2003

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