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'Phantom & Mandrake' (GBA) - Movies & Screens

by Thomas on March 28, 2003 @ 9:23 a.m. PST

Phantom "the ghost who walks" and Mandrake "shadow of the vehme" are two GBA games, based on the omonimous Lee Falk's worldwide reknown comic heroes. In Phantom, the masked hero will have to face a great threat for the isle of Bangalla: a big business firm has set some research sites in the jungle to manage a series of genetic tests and pharmaceutical products synthesis. But some dangerous sabotages occur, and some workers of the company are murdered together with young guys of the "Bandar" tribe working as guides in the research sites.

Links to five video clips.

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5

The tribe chief turns to the Phantom to unveil the murderer. That's the beginning of a complex mistery which will see the hero involved in an exciting adventure through the land of a tribe protecting the jungle and its holy places; the hidden company laboratories; the remains of a lost civilization; to finally face an ancestral evil awakened by a fanatic young researcher.

An exciting arcade-adventure game that will lead you to the wonderful Bandar jungle created by Lee Falk's rich imagination.

Phantom "the ghost who walks" for GBA boast this key features:

  • Excellent isometric graphic, plenty in detail.
  • A huge world to explore through spots of luxuriant jungle, research labs, dangerous ruins, and lost civilizations.
  • An intuitive "user-friendly" interface.
  • Inventory: The player can carry with him weapons and items he can use through the adventure.
  • Film like plot.

In Mandrake "the shadow of the vehme", the hero is involved in a mistery which sink its roots in the middleage, a secret sect, called New Vehme, is devoted to conquer the world, by means of a great army and mental powers. The sect is looking for lost objects of great power which could aid its goals. On May 1990 prof Friedrick Haushofer, announces an amazing discovery: the finding of some sort of medieval evidences, which could carry him to the legendary treasure of the Teutonic knights.The news gets the interest of the New Vehme and of the misterious sect of the Ha-Sha-Shin, to whom legend ascribes amazing magical powers! The murder of the archeologist, in the night preceeding the unveil of his years long researches, is the beginning of an entangled mistery which will bring the amazing magician from Germany to Poland and then to Armenia,Italy and France to finally discover the legendary treasure of the Teutonic Order.

Mandrake "the shadow of the vehme" for GBA boast this key features:

  • Excellent isometric graphic, plenty in detail.
  • Use six amazing magic powers.
  • Find additional magic powers through the adventure.
  • Intuitive "user-friendly" interface.
  • nventory: The player can carry with him powers and items he can use through the adventure.
  • Film like plot.

The both games are finished, and at present 7th Sense s.r.l. is looking for a publishing deal, since the two titles had been signed with Microids, but such a deal is no more in place. Anyway, 7th Sense doesn't own the rights on the two licenses but just those on the two games. The option to buy the licenses on the cartoons or movie instead of comics could be also considerable.

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