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CITY Interactive Announces 'Aces WW I - Working Title'

by Thomas on March 28, 2003 @ 9:33 a.m. PST

CITY interactive announces that their development team has already started working on new title called Aces WW I - working title. Development has started last year and CITY is planning to have the title ready for sale at Q3 2003. Aces of WWI - working title creates a new genre: the flying sim action adventure. People responsiple for that project are working with great enthusiasm in order to achieve very detailed reconstruction of original models and the ground, like in the best simulation games and provide high feel of reality. City wants to interest not only flying sim fans but to target all action game fans and hopes to receive enthusiastic response from special interest press all around the world. (thanks Blues)

The tribe chief turns to the Phantom to unveil the murderer. That's the beginning of a complex mistery which will see the hero involved in an exciting adventure through the land of a tribe protecting the jungle and its holy places; the hidden company laboratories; the remains of a lost civilization; to finally face an ancestral evil awakened by a fanatic young researcher.

About the game Aces WW I - working title is a dynamic action game that transports players back to the dramatic reality of World War I. Air battles, various bombing and spy missions and breath taking dog-fights including up to 30 aircraft guarantee the highest levels of gameplay. With the choice of fighting and fly a variety of combat aircraft that have been accurately simulated from that period of history to create a new genre - the flying sim adventure!

For more information about the game and to see some screenshots and concepts visit our web site at:

About CITY interactive CITY interactive is an international publisher and developer of entertainment software with mass appeal. The company was created by Lemon Interactive together with two other development studios - Tatanka and We Open Eyes.

The talented individuals behind City have been responsible for Project Earth, Smash Up Derby and Nina: Agent Chronicles that have been well-received around the world. The company's strategy is to produce high quality entertainment software for personal computers as well as video consoles using high-end technology.

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