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ChampionShip Manager 4

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Management

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'Championship Manager 4' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 28, 2003 @ 1:02 p.m. PST

Get the CM4 v4.0.3 off Worthplaying (5.5mb)

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Get the CM4 v4.0.3 off Sports Interactive(5.5mb)

General Fixes :

  • Fixed problem opening game window on some PC's
  • Fixed league stage heading when viewing away records.
  • Fixed bug whereby Financial Income Tables totals always appeared to be zero.
  • Fixed problem where computer friendly proposal news items did not have respond button.
  • Fixed cup screen problem where dots sometimes replaced the v's.
  • Fixed problem where transfers did not always get cancelled after a transfer deadline.
  • Fixed some Swedish stadium issues for derby games.
  • Fixed rehabilitation time out calculation.
  • Fixed really low maximum wages allowed by the board, when approaching to sign certain players.
  • Fixed the missing Euro symbol when using Ter's skin.
  • Fixed unable to untick man specific marking option during match.
  • Fixed scouting individual players sometimes never were reported back.
  • Fixed captain changing during match problem (assistant picking captain when shouldn't.)
  • Fixed problem with histories not showing up for players (this was related to the installer)
  • All shortcut keys now are handled on the news screen.
  • Added ability to display club logo's on team screens [Spanish Version Only]
  • When a person's contract expires and no response is made to the news item, you now don't get the same news every day from then on.
  • When user has news items allowing responses, the game doesn't take him to news screen every 2 hours.
  • Loans are now not terminated by computer teams as much.
  • Teams won't try to buy first options on players they cannot buy. e.g. Non Basque players and Athletico Bilbao.
  • Human players can now no longer respond to contract decision news for other teams.
  • All player transfers now get cancelled on transfer deadline day.
  • Disabling scouting of "parent" comps like the Portugese Second Division B. This caused a crash before. The individual regional leagues can still be scouted.
  • Added a link to a player's club when viewing them through a national team.
  • Changed the way the picking positions panel worked so it won't collapse and disappear
  • Fixed the currency conversion for the Brazilian Real
  • Allowed a little more flexibility with regards to wage offers, prior to this board was very strict as to whom it considered a first team or key player.
  • Lowered wages allowed for squad rotation and first team players a little.
  • Tuned scottish finance system to prevent non-old firm teams gaining ground on them too easily.
  • Injuries time string rounded to nearest and not always upwards.
  • Injury lengths adjusted.
  • Player compare used the neutral colour for some positional comparisons.
  • If selling team does not make contract offer to part exchanged player, the offer is now cancelled.

Competitions Fixes :

  • Fixed problem where game dates for Euro Champ Qual differed to actual real life dates causing leagues to be scheduled incorrectly
  • Fixed Croatian Super Cup date.
  • Fixed winter break periods for Italian leagues.
  • Fixed Greek second division playoff problem where losing non league team may still be promoted.
  • Fixed French league schedule to play on specific wednesday.
  • Fixed N.Ireland Cup semi-finals are now played on neutral venues.
  • Fixed Antrim Shield and Irish Cup match times.
  • Fixed last 2 games being played on a sunday at 3pm.
  • Fixed German league cup fixture dates.
  • Fixed Japanese super cup not being played in 2003
  • Dutch Premier/First Division playoffs now do not get postponed due to the European Championships.
  • Squad numbers added for Portugese teams.
  • Champions League 2nd phase now has improved method of keeping teams from same nation and group apart.
  • Correct teams at home in MLS playoff quarter finals.
  • No away goals now for MLS playoff quarter finals.
  • Reserve leagues for leagues starting in 2003 now work properly.
  • Mexican playoffs now get decided on league positions if draws not extra time and pens.
  • 3 rounds instead of 2 for Irish First Division in second season.
  • Two legged playoff final for Irish league.
  • Reserve dates fixed for first year in Ireland.
  • Argentina teams now use squad numbers.
  • In Argentina, if home and away team kits clash, the home team changes its colours.
  • Brazilian state cup draws now seeded properly.
  • Prize money for Brazilian state leagues now works.
  • Minas Gerais state championship winner is now declared champions.
  • Relegation now applies to Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul state championships.
  • Fixed reserves and U18s for Brazilian teams.
  • Brazilian cup now gets played every year.
  • Yugoslav reserve league expanded to 18 teams
  • Yugoslav u21 rule changed to cover only 2nd division

Match Day Fixes :

  • Fixed set piece taker timewasting when losing late in the game
  • Fixed fairly common bug where full back would throw ball to centre back who would be robbed for run in at goal
  • Fixed goalie rather naively taking throw back to opposition after injury
  • Fixed problem where live league table was not being updated when returning to a match screen.
  • Setting team mentality for human teams now comes into effect immediately not at the end of the current period.
  • Teams now lie deep or push up more in relation to their mentality
  • Tuning of offside assessment from passing player's point of view
  • Direct free kicks less effective
  • Found happy medium between "loads of disallowed goals" in beta demo and "none" in v4.0.1
  • If a human manager returns from holiday or reenters a network game during his team's match, either he or the computer will take control depending on who had original control, not both.
  • Auto continue now works after a match day has finished.
  • Latest scores panel now shows human controlled teams in yellow.
  • Latest scores now show the current match period of all games.
  • Human controlled teams on latest scores are now highlighted.

Awards Fixes :

  • Fixed award referred to players' old clubs if transferred during season.
  • Fixed continental and global awards not announced.
  • Fixed World Cup, Euro Championship awards (and similar) not being processed after first competition.
  • Yearly awards now showing current year, listed in reverse order, and correct last winner.
  • Team award news now shows up to 3 of your players (if any were named.)
  • Award screen now shows child competitions awards.
  • Now records matches for child competitions.

Player/Staff Search Fixes :

  • Fixed not able to save (short)lists while out of a job.
  • Fixed retired players listed in player search.
  • Fixed filtering by value from (e.g.) 100K to (e.g.) 100K showing no results.
  • Fixed misaligned text and icons.
  • Fixed filtering attributes with upper value of 0 including all.
  • Fixed national managers listed with their nationality and not national team.

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