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P5 Software Development Kit For PlayStation2

by Thomas on March 3, 2003 @ 6:45 a.m. PST

Essential Reality, Inc. a developer and integrator of leading-edge sensory and real-time remote tracking devices, announced today that the P5 Software Development Kit (SDK) for PlayStation2 is now available for download on the Sony Computer Entertainment America developer website. The SDK, which is being offered exclusively to licensed members of the PlayStation2 game development community, is being released in an effort to support the development of P5-enabled gaming content.

"Our goal has always been to utilize compelling content as the means to drive demand for our products and to gain entree into new markets," said Martin Currie, vice president of business development for Essential Reality. "We have already received tremendous interest from the broader developer community following the release of our SDK for the PC version of the P5 and this has enabled us to quickly gain mind share and momentum. We believe this is a strong indication of the interest level we will be able to garner specifically from the PlayStation®2 developer community, which is why we are making the SDK available."

The P5 is a USB-based product that utilizes proprietary bend sensor and tracking technologies that allow a full six degrees of tracking to enable full interaction with 3-D environments. While the premier edition of the P5 was released for the PC, the same unit is compatible for PlayStation®2 upon content enablement.

The P5 SDK for PlayStation®2 will provide developers with all the tools required to "P5-enable" existing PlayStation®2 gaming content as well as new applications. To download the SDK, visit the SCEA developer website.

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