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'Conflict: Desert Storm' 18th April For GameCube

by Thomas on March 3, 2003 @ 7:02 a.m. PST

SCI is pleased announce the street date for Conflict: Desert Storm on GameCube as 18th April 2003. The highly anticipated launch comes a month earlier than anticipated and riding a wave of keen specialist press interest. Already flagged as a key GameCube release for the year, it will benefit from the increased retail activity of the Easter holidays... "Cube version gets bigger explosions, a higher frame rate, "dynamic aiming" and four-player split-screen"

Upgraded graphics
The graphics have been optimised for the GameCube, taking full advantage of the chipset. Explosions are bigger and better, the screen shakes for nearby explosions and impacts, there's more tracer fire and it looks better than ever.

The AI and other functions have been retuned to turn out a higher frame rate, and optimised for other gains, like faster reloading times

How's your aim?
This version also has new "Dynamic Aiming" sights. This new crosshair system shows accuracy levels depending on the character's stance and movement, but without obstructing gameplay. There's also an upgraded auto-aim, which with a tap on the fire button raises the gun and tracks the nearest target.

There's a new smooth-scrolling inventory for more efficient management of equipment, and a new shortcut system that allows the player to jump directly to key items - like medikits - packing in all the functionality into the GameCube's joypad.

And it keeps getting better...
Even the best can be improved upon. Feedback from the other format releases asked for a 'Restart Level' feature, which allows the player to restart from the in-game menu.

Enemy AI has also stepped up a gear; soldiers will hunt around for players using sound to track them, they back away from suppressing fire, and they'll remember where they last saw you.

Four pads are better than two
The icing on the cake for the GameCube is the split screen multiplayer for 2-4 players, which lets you tackle each mission with your mates in co-op mode.

David Clark, Marketing Director of SCI Games, commented, "Conflict: Desert Storm was originally released for the PS2, Xbox and PC last September and instantly became a number one chart hit. Highly acclaimed for its gameplay and control mechanism it has continued to perform well on these platforms. The GameCube release is a significant milestone for the game, benefiting from several significant Cube-centric features and from 7 months extra development polish." He offered, "GameCube owners will have something more than chocolate to sink their teeth into this Easter."

Conflict: Desert Storm is a 3rd person squad combat game that has unprecedented realism and depth and is a careful balance of fast paced action, stealth and tactical warfare.

Conflict: Desert Storm will be released in 18th April 2003 on Nintendo GameCube and is currently available on PS2, Xbox and PC CD-Rom.

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