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Activision Value's 'Apache Air Assault' Lands At Retail Shelves

by Thomas on March 5, 2003 @ 7:06 a.m. PST

Activision Value Publishing, a division of Activision, Inc. is launching a first strike against the competition with "Apache Air Assault", a first-person combat-action flight game for the PC. At the controls of the legendary AH-64 Apache, players will be able to pound hard targets and tanks into submission and engage in air combat with hostile aircraft. "Apache Air Assault" is currently available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99 and carries a rating of "T" for teen by the ESRB, with a descriptor for violence.

"`Apache Air Assault' allows players to take command of America's most advanced multi-role combat helicopter and soar into the heat of battle," said Patrick Kelly, Vice President of Studios, Activision Value Publishing. "With over 30 missions to choose from and an awesome array of weaponry, the game challenges players to seek out and destroy the enemy threats before they destroy you."

"Apache Air Assault" challenges players to explore two types of diverse environments -- a dry, sweltering desert or lush, steamy jungle. In the desert environment, players navigate through a desolate style terrain laced with stony hills and rugged mountains. In the jungle environment, players pilot through a large treacherous river flowing through the center of lush landscape with plantations, huts, and camps. Players engage in a variety of heart-pounding assignments, including providing air support for friendlies, taking out military outposts, and protecting oil refineries. To help accomplish their goals, gamers are briefed on mission objectives and details of the assignment. Once prepared, players pilot an AH-64 Apache, fully equipped with radar-guided missiles, hydra rockets, and a M230 Chain Gun. Multiple views from outside and inside the aircraft allow players to easily scope out the territory and hunt down the enemy.

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