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Techno eJay 4 For Spring 2003!

by Thomas on March 6, 2003 @ 3:00 a.m. PST

Do you remember raving away back in the day? Ever recall those awesome sweatbox raves, laced with fluorescent lazers and dirty smoke, euphoric, high-octane tunes and long-haired ravers, sporting accessories that would look better on Ali G these days? If plastic whistles, dummies, moon boots, white gloves and glow sticks revive fond memories in you then eJay salute you and have just what you need! Beep beep beep. Parp. Where's the Party? Read more for the pressrelease!

Get those arms in the air ready to celebrate the pending release of Techno eJay 4! Back by popular demand from the eJay community and building on the huge international success of Rave eJay 1 (Techno 1) & Techno 2 and of course Ibiza eJay (Techno eJay 3), Techno 4 is due for release Spring 2003!

Where's the Party?

Acieeed smiley faces will be beaming come Spring, as Techno 4 will retail for a mere £29.99, costing you much less than a day out partying at The Love Parade! With Techno 4 you can bring that May Day mayhem and ultimate euphoric experience direct to your bedroom with just a few clicks of your PC!

Join the supreme ranks of the respected names in hard dance music, Chris Liberator, Cosmic Gate, Scooter and Jeff Mills with Techno eJay 4; the ultimate music solution for your PC!

Follow in the funky footsteps of Atkins, the "Godfather of Techno" and create a stunning techno-fest track with this eclectic mix of retro and new sounds! Check this astounding feature list:

4,000 brand new & royalty free samples from Techno, Rave, Hard Core, Hard House, Schranz, Minimal, Chill Out, Electro Break Beats and Tech-House!

48-track sound mixer in CD quality for creative arrangements and innovative compositions

New 'Synth + Step' analogue sequencer with numerous controls, oscillators and filters to create those original sounds - works like a real hardware synth!

How low can you go? Bass Generator to bust out your own bass sequences! (including 150 exclusive bass sounds)

Polyphonic Hyper Generator in one! Over 300 Incredible melodic effects and stunning sounds!

Bring your tune alive with the new 3D VJ Box! Choose from 1,000 3D elements to animate your Tech-fest!

Use the Drum Computer to sequence your slammin' beats, create your own or use one of 350 included!

Check out the Recording Studio to insert those euphoric vocals, and direct CD grabbing for remixes!

Create cool FX samples with the Voice Generator

Soup up and modify imported samples using the 'Time + Tune' Generator in the FX Studio!

Wave goodbye to processed samples with the Wave Editor & FX Studio, delivering simple post-processing and generation of new samples!

Voice samples from heaven with the Vocoder FX!

Import/Export in WAVE or MP3 format!

New stylised easy to use interface with drag and drop sample support!

And much, much more!

And the music doesn't stop there! To coincide with the release of Techno eJay 4, eJay will bring out its latest collection of top quality samples Sound Selection #3. This hard dance special is the perfect compliment to Techno eJay 4 or any other eJay software if you are looking to put a darker touch to your tunes! Join the dark side for only £19.99!

1,500 brand new and exclusive tech house, breakbeat, electro, progressive and dark wave samples in studio quality (16-Bit, 44.1 KHz)

Plus 3,000 royalty-free top quality samples from eJay's dance and techno bestsellers

Sounds available as true stereo Wave files - compatible with all eJay products and any other music software program.

eJay Sound Browser 2.0 for easy search and preview of all samples and eJay Wave Editor for comprehensive modifying of any sound

eJay RealStretchTM Time Stretcher for tempo adjustment

Simple structure - sort according to instrument, style, tempo and key.

User-friendly desktop interface

Platform: PC-CD ROM
Release: Q2
Age Rating: N/A
Developer: eJay Entertainment GmbH

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