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'Resident Evil Zero' - Special Telephone Helpline For Scared People!

by Thomas on March 6, 2003 @ 3:41 a.m. PST

Videogame publisher Capcom has launched a special telephone helpline for consumers scared from playing its latest title Resident Evil Zero. Available now on 08700 46 55 20 (calls charged at national rates), the line has been designed explicitly to offer comfort and reassurance to terrified gamers. Players simply ring up and listen to the two-minute recorded message scripted by a top psychologist. Once the call is completed, they should feel much more calm.

Resident Evil Zero, which is released tomorrow (March 7th 2003), is the latest in the series of successful horror games. It is available exclusively on Nintendo Game Cube and available to players aged 15 and over.

"It's our duty to look after our consumers properly," said Ben Le Rougetel, Capcom spokesperson. "Resident Evil Zero is a ridiculously scary game. We want players to know help is at hand if they become too frightened. The phone line's message is simple: it's important to realise that this is just a game. Fear is all the mind, and that's what we want our players to remember."

Note: Calls to the hotline are charged at the same rate as any normal national phone call (8p per minute weekdays between 8:00am and 6:00pm; 4p after 6:00pm weekdays; and 2p at weekends)

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