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Smartjoy-X USB Adapter For Xbox Controllers

by Thomas on March 6, 2003 @ 3:43 a.m. PST

Today,, Alternative Gaming Community, has acquired the copyrights, development rights, know-how and domain names from the once famous Smartjoy (or Smart Joypad) project. Smartjoy was the very first 100% compatible (except rumble features) USB adapter for PC allowing the hardcore gamers worldwide to use their Playstation Dual Shock controller enjoying the same gameplay quality as on consoles.

The Smartjoy adapter (if you are curious about the history, you can still read the 1999 review of was an innovation highly acclaimed and welcomed by the hardcore gamers community. The innovation gave inspiration later for other developments, such as the USB Converter (for PS/PS2TM & N64TM joypads) or the Skillz Cube Connection USB (for Gamecube controllers) or many others. By taking over the complete project but also the team behind it, desires to bring back to life the concept and drive it to new horizons.

You can expect several surprises in the next couple of weeks, with the opening of a dedicated sections for the Smartjoy related products very soon. The domain names and will also be redirected to in the very near future.

As a very first step in this cooperation, Lik Sang is proud to announce you a well-kept secret, in production for a couple of weeks behind the factory metal doors: the high in demand Smartjoy-X USB adapter for Xbox controllers has been released this morning and is shipping within 24 hours for US$ 12.90 only at

Smartjoy-X is the first professionally mass-produced USB adapter for Xbox controllers. Compatible with both 1st and 3rd party controllers for all buttons including analog and digital controls. For sure a must-buy for the Xbox controllers fanatics playing on PC.

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