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Thrustmaster Enters The Era Of 'GBA SP'

by Rainier on March 7, 2003 @ 12:30 a.m. PST

Thrustmaster is pleased to announce the upcoming release on themarket of three accessories for Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo’s latest handheld console:the Thrustmaster Starter Pack, Thrustmaster Carry Bag and Thrustmaster Protector Pouch.These three accessories will be available in Europe at the end of March 2003, to coincide with the GBA SP’s release.

“The launch of a new console is always a great event within the gaming community,” explains Jocelyn Denis, Worldwide Product Manager at Thrustmaster. “Thrustmaster has always been committed to offering the very best and most innovative accessories to help gamers get the most out of their consoles and increase their gaming fun. Thrustmaster Starter Pack, the Carry Bag and the Protector Pouch are sure to be ‘must haves’ for any GBA SP owner.”

Thrustmaster Starter Pack

Thrustmaster Starter Pack is an essential complement to the Game Boy Advance SP, incorporating 5 useful accessories.

The attractive silver protector bag helps to prevent damage to the console, with enough storage space for game cartridges and headphones. Its belt clip allows gamers to safely and conveniently transport their system while providing easy access with the GBA SP inside the bag. Two cartridge cases are also included in the Starter Pack. The link cable allows for head-to-head gaming with a friend, and supports up to 4 players with additional link cables (not included) plugged into its hub. Last but not least, the pack includes a pair of high-quality headphones and the required headphone cable adapter. Gamers can play quietly in any environment while enjoying the very best sound possible.

Thrustmaster Carry Bag

Thrustmaster Carry Bag is an incredibly convenient protection and storage accessory designed with the spirit and visual appeal of the Game Boy Advance SP in mind. Thrustmaster Carry Bag is compact, given its high storage capacity, with room for the GBA SP console, game cartridges, cables and headphones, plus the AC power adapter. Its padded design and durable adjustable strap make it the ideal transportation solution.

Thrustmaster Protector Pouch

With the trend of protection pouch for cell phone in mind, Thrustmaster proposes to the handheld and compact GBA SP owners its new Protector Pouch. Made of soft but efficient protective material, it envelopes the precious console and allows the gamer to play while keeping the console inside. The Protector pouch can be clipped to the belt for transportation anywhere, just like a mobile phone. No more limit to the GBA SP gaming fun!

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