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'Söldner: Secret Wars' - Customisable Multiplayer Modes

by Rainier on April 1, 2003 @ 9:42 a.m. PST

JoWooD Productions is proud to announce that March was the month of CMM in the year of Söldner: Secret Wars, the revolutionary online tactical military shooter coming to PC CD-ROM in 2003. Söldner: Secret Wars features Customisable Multiplayer Modes, an easy to use set of options that provide an unprecedented level of configurability within multiplayer games. A wide variety of different game scenarios can be set up with just a couple of mouse-clicks, the interface offering as simple or as detailed a customisation level as required.

Those wanting to host a quick multiplayer battle are catered for through seven predefined multiplayer modes: Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Assassination, Conquest, Bombing Run, Hostage Rescue and VIP Assassination.

Söldner: Secret Wars then allows individual aspects of these basic modes to be customised. For example, the 'Flag' in Capture the Flag could be flipped to 'Jeep' or even 'Helicopter', radically altering the style of the game. The impact this one mouse click has is immense - instead of collecting a flag and escaping by any means necessary, players must capture a Jeep and drive it back, evading enemy vehicles giving chase or a sniper's well placed bullet. A helicopter capture would be different again, avoiding AA fire and even patrolling jets in order to escape. The assassination and rescue modes can also be adapted in the same way.

Söldner: Secret Wars also allows expert users to go one step further using the Python scripting language. This allows entirely new multiplayer experiences to be created from scratch and shared online.

In addition, Söldner: Secret Wars gives players the opportunity to play in a number of co-operative modes including Survival and Campaign.

More information on Söldner: Secret Wars can be found at

Söldner: Secret Wars will be released in the UK in 2003 for PC CD-ROM.

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