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Legacy: Dark Shadows

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: GMX / Tri Synergy
Developer: Razbor Studios

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'Legacy: Dark Shadows' - Alpha/Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 1, 2003 @ 12:25 p.m. PST

Legacy: Dark Shadows is a point & click adventure with a dark science-fiction storyline spanning a period of 200 years. Legacy: Dark Shadows begins in 1942 with the battle of Stalingrad and ends in the distant future.

Get the Legacy: Dark Shadows Alpha 2 demo off Worthplaying (159mb)

USA Link 1 <--> USA Link 2

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements:
Windows(r) 98 or Windows(r) 98SE, Windows Millennium(r) or Windows XP(r)
Pentium II(r) 400
4X CD-ROM drive
Mouse and keyboard
1024x768 SVGA high color (16-bit) DirectX compatible video card with 8MB RAM
Windows-compatible sound device
200MB free hard drive space
Microsoft DirectX 8.1

Recommended System Requirements:
Pentium(r) III 900
3D accelerator card (DirectX/Direct3D compatible) with 16MB RAM
8X CD-ROM drive
300MB free hard drive space
Microsoft DirectX 8.1

Installation - Uninstallation

Click "Install" to install "LEGACY: Dark Shadows" preview 2 to your hard disk and follow instructions on the screen.
To uninstall game go to Control Panel and find "Add or Remove Programs" icon and double click on it. In the list find "Legacy: Dark Shadows - Alpha 2" and click on remove button.Or choose from Uninstall from installed directory.

Playing the Game

The left mouse button is used for interacting with the environment in a number of ways. Left-clicking anywhere on the screen moves Ren as close to that point as possible. Clicking the right mouse button in the game window will open her inventory. The left mouse button's default appearance will change in some places, called Hot Spots, meaning interaction with the environment is possible.
Clicking the left mouse button in the inventory window will replace the default cursor with the selected item allowing it to be used in combinations with places or objects in the game window. Right click will trigger description of an object.
Pressing Space during dialogues will exit the current line of spoken dialogues and switch to the next line of dialogues.
Pressing ESC while playing will call up the main screen.

Technical parameters:

This preview doesn't represent the full quality which the original game will possess. This preview is just a small part of the game… part of Chapter 4 to be precise. Some of the things we put inside this preview are still not the final versions. Lip Sync and 3D characters are still waiting for full implementation.


• Point & Click system
• Linear and non linear dialogues with accent on non linear (more than 15 000 lines)
• 500 Scenes on nearly 100 locations divided in 14 Chapters on Exotic locations incl. Moon, Stalingrad, New Babylon, Antarctic, etc...
• Intriguing storyline starting 1942 and ends in distant future
• New use of inventory
• Dialogue log
• Diary
• Personal notes
• No aliens, no time travel, no elixir of youth story...
• And of course - twisted humor :-)


• Up to 20 000 poly's
• High resolution textures (up to 1024x1024)
• Realistic Lip Sync (waiting for full implementation)
• 1024x768 with 32 bit color
• 2D backgrounds with up to 4 layers
• Pixel and vertex shaders
• Vertex blending
• Parallax scrolling
• Water, smoke, shadows...
• 2D characters
• 3D characters (partially implemented)
• Dynamic multicolor lights
• 5.1 sound
• Professional voiceovers
• Professional sound FX
• Wide screen animation

Technical Problems

If you run into some problems or bugs while playing we will be able to help you more quickly if you make the following information available when you contact us:

- The brand name of your computer
- The type of CPU and its operating speed (e.g.: Pentium-166mhz)
- The operating system and version (e.g.: Windows 98)
- The amount of RAM in your computer
- The brand name and model of the sound card in your computer
- The brand name and model of the video card in your computer
- Speed of your CD-ROM Drive
- The amount of video memory (VRAM) in your computer

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