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'Top Gun: Combat Zones' - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on April 11, 2003 @ 7:51 a.m. PDT

Titus Interactive announced today that Top Gun: Combat Zones, the next generation of flying action now brought to the PC, is hitting shelves this month in Europe. Based on the Playstation 2 smash hit, Top Gun: Combat Zones is developed by Digital Integration, its wholly owned development studios.

Millions of fans having admired Maverick's talent in the Paramount blockbuster movie will now be able to experience their speed, agility and dog fighting skills on their PC to climb through the ranks of the Top Gun academy.

Get ready for true arcade gaming action, featuring amazing graphics, gorgeous low-level landscapes including the Arctic, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf. Feel every explosion thanks to the power of the PC as you embark on dangerous low-level missions through hazardous canyons and across extensive cityscapes, mastering US Navy's top planes F-14, F-18, F-22, F4 Phantom and many, many more...

Featuring 36 exciting and intense fighting missions set across 3 era's including the early 70's, 1980-90's and 1998-2000, Top Gun - Combat Zones provides the player with every situation a real pilot can experience.

Have you got what it takes? Are you Top Gun?

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