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'Warrior Kings: Battles' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 11, 2003 @ 10:48 a.m. PDT

'Warrior Kings: Battles' maintains the excitement that made Warrior Kings a leading RTS, but now introduces the player to a proficiency of computer Artificial Intelligence not yet seen in an RTS product. Empire Interactive & Black Cactus have released the first patch for their recently released RTS, Warrior Kings Battles. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.1 and fixes problems related to multiplayer games (this patch is valid for ALL versions). There are also 2 German only patches available adressing fixes problems with music & sound (and are much larger). Read more for details and download links ...

Get the WK:B v1.1 off Worthplaying (6mb)

Get the WK:B Sound/Music v1.1 (German) off Worthplaying (80mb)

Other Mirrors

Get the Warrior Kings :Battles patches off Empire Interactive

Download and unzip the file (this can be unzipped anywhere) Run the resulting .exe file The patch will automatically detect the installation path of the game and patch it You will be returned to the desktop once the patch is complete (it is very quick) Run the game (you will still need your original CD) You should notice the version number on the Main Menu now reads 1.1

The patch fixes the following problems:

  • Multiplayer games no longer fail to load when more than 2 human players attempt to join.
  • Teams no longer break down in AI skirmish games
  • The starting positions after loading a saved multiplayer game are now correct
  • Gatehouse balancing improved
  • Fixes to guard commands
  • An alert will now fire when you are attacked by Greengrow
  • Resources carts don't capture flags in Valhalla
  • Fog of War errors in Valhalla mode are fixed
  • Hot key "X" to select Michael or Abaddon
  • Radius of effect for the Bank has been increased
  • Liguriensis Skirmish player number corrected
  • Groups of formations no longer deselect while in combat.
  • Fixed some wall sections being paid for twice.
  • Multiplying gold at the Bank has been fixed.
  • Converting Monks to Peasants has been fixed
  • JoinIP Changes:
    • - Focus set to edit box
    • - Edit box accepts 'enter' keypress
  • Improved the multiplayer startup sequence over slow internet connections.
  • Problem with clients connecting to multiplayer games via a modem.
  • Wall cost tooltip appearing underneath the cursor in low resolutions
  • Wall creation request packets being sent to the server twice
  • Several issues with multiplayer save and load
  • Lobby screen now remembers last player name and colour that you selected
  • Dark border to the stats on the campaign screen not resizing to match the text dimensions has been improved
  • Diplomacy being disallowed in some levels even when enabled in the front end
  • Scroll up arrow not working on Province descriptions in Campaign screen
  • Wrong farm type reporting on stampdown


We have indentified the "Drop to desktop" crash as being possibly related to some 3rd party audio codecs. To further isolate these, we have included an output file called filtergraph.txt which will be created in the "saved" directory. If you experience a crash, it will be very helpful if you can include the contents of this file in your bug report.

As things stand we believe that there may be conflicts caused by the following codecs:

Morgan Stream Switcher
TFM Audio Filter
Intervideo Audio Decoder
Our advice is to try uninstalling these codecs if you are experiencing an apparently random drop to desktop. However, until we have gathered more data, we cannot guarantee this as a fix.

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