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'HILL Project' Announced - Facts & Details

by Rainier on April 11, 2003 @ 11:13 a.m. PDT

HILL Project is a real-time 3D shoot'em up with non-stop action. Between the Earth and the Moon, the player will have to defy hordes of drones, destroy gigantic bosses, get through asteroid fields and fulfill various challenges proposed during the game. The game also features an equipment and levelling system directly inspired of RPGs : the player will be able to collect and use new abilities that will let him change the course of his adventure. Read more for additional information ..

A mortal virus appeared on Earth a bit more than 300 years ago. 300 years that mankind have been struggling to live in space and on the moon, waiting to come back on Earth, still under quarantine. 300 years that scientists have been seeking solutions to save the humanity. Thanks to these researchs, some humans get the right of walking their ancestors' lands to bring back raw materials that can't be extracted from the Moon. Unfortunately, the vaccine used to immunize these workers shortens their life duration to a few weeks.

Strange paradox ...

But today isn't an usual day. These privileged persons are revolting and treatens to disable the power shield that holds Earth in quarantine. Why do they want to condemn the humanity ?

Fortunately, I'm there to prevent them ...

Number of players : 1 to 2 players
Platform : Multiplatform
Publisher : The game doesn't have a publisher yet
Release date : -

Some initial artwork to be found here

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