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'Myth III: The Wolf Age' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 11, 2003 @ 12:16 p.m. PDT

A new Myth III: The Wolf Age has been officially released bringing Myth 3 up to v1.1. The patch fixes over 40 game play and stability issues for both Mac and PC as well as bringing the bonus maps Pepper Heights and Tides Of Rhi'anon into the general release. Additional variations of the existing maps are also included with enhanced unit sets. Also added are the multiplayer game types Assassins, Stampede, and Balls On Parade which had been previously omitted. This patch also introduces the Fetch and Journeyman units into the Myth 3 World (thanks GameSpyDaily). Read more for download links ...

Get the Myth III: The Wolf Age (PC/MAC) v1.1 off Worthplaying

Welcome to Myth III: The Wolf Age. This readme will take you through the steps of getting you version of Myth III updated to the latest bug fixes and multiplayer enhancements. This document is divided into the following sections:

Bugs Fixed: (Since 172 - First Alpha):

  1. Administrators now have “Admin Tag” and only selected admins have the background banner. Background banner changed from “BUNGIE” to “playmyth”
    and is infinitely more readable.
  2. Private messaging now fixed to be Myth 3 Style.
  3. Game list now reflects the correct number of hosted games in the room when leaving a hosted game.
  4. Unavailable games turned back to red instead of yellow.
  5. Stats window now working
  6. Find window now working
  7. Game now reports ranked data to server (games currently scored as M2 games). There is still work to be done here, but it is finished preliminarily.
  8. Myth 3 Rank Icons now appear for Myth 3 players in ranked rooms.
  9. Buddy list allows you to add buddies
  10. Room graphics now higher quality and more consistent with existing M3 rooms.
  11. Find and Stats windows now in a Myth 3 format with proper text color.
  12. Balls no longer disappear when placed on water.
  13. Adding of additional mesges to Over Myrgard and Seasons of Slaughter with 1337 unit sets.
  14. Added Tides Of Rhianon and Pepper Heights multiplayer maps that shipped at Electronics Botiques stores.
  15. Shimmer effect re-added to all transitional screens including find and stats dialogs.
  16. Replaced the “Yell” and “Whisper” sounds with “HEY” and “Psst” respectively.
  17. Assassin units now have a unique selection circle so they can be differentiated from standard units.
  18. LAN support is now working once again.
  19. Unit circles now visible for units under water.
  20. Support for new networking packets.
  21. Fixed chained lightning.
  22. Fixed support for ATI TrueForm.
  23. Multiplayer variations of hero units and other units where there were none previously.
  24. World Knot/DeathMatch/Stampede effect added successfully to code and tags.
  25. Attempting to chat while waiting for players to arrive no longer quits game on the person doing it.
  26. Stampede Meshes added to all stock maps
  27. Support added for hosting and playing games via internet without a centralized server (TCP/IP).
  28. Checkmark (asterisk) now is visible for the player posessing the flag on Last Man On The Hill, Steal The Bacon, Captures, and several other games.
  29. Added the Fetch and Journeyman units. :)

Bugs Fixed: (Since we started doing this):

  1. Keyboard input under OS 10.2 is now managable.
  2. Support for Windows XP
  3. Multiplayer unit colors in team games are now correct.
  4. Water effects added.
  5. New contrail effects for Dwarf cocktails.
  6. Support for viewing saved films.
  7. Fire now sets off satchel charges.
  8. Life and Mana bars are now more readable.
  9. Intro movie now only plays on the initial boot.
  10. Replay Intro option added.
  11. “multiplay” option renamed “play online”
  12. In game chat now has a dark background for easier reading on light maps.
  13. Up-arrow now allows viewing of previous chat & game messages during game.
  14. Save Game Bug on “Crypt Of Mazarin” level corrected.
  15. Support for Veterans.
  16. Improved Wight graphics * effects.
  17. Fixes to “For Carnage Apply Within” multiplayer map.
  18. Fixes to “Ramparts” multiplayer map.
  19. Fixes to “Over Myrgard” multiplayer map
  20. General gameplay fixes and tweeks to solo-player levels 1-9 including balancing and contrast issues.
  21. GameSpy multiplayer system removed.

Known Issues:

  1. Invisible units in co-op still count toward player’s % of units remaining. (these are mostly reinforcements)
  2. Water ripples appear to come from unit “hips”.
  3. Unable to draw on the overhead map. (v1.2)
  4. No unit facing directional arrow. (v1.2)
  5. No support for artifacts yet.
  6. When trying to enter a full room on, you are diverted to a different room and the name of the room you are in is not correct. This will be fixed in version 1.2

1. Installation

In the archive you have just extracted you will have one executable program and two folders. There is one file in each of these folders. Copy the executable program to your Myth 3 directory. Be sure to remove any other copies of Myth 3 you may have in this directory. Next remove ALL files from the “patches” folder inside your Myth 3 directory. Once this is done, take the file in the patches folder in this archive and place in the patches folder of your M3 installation. Then open up the plugins folder in your Myth 3 installation directory and remove any previous versions of “PluginPatch”. Then take the PluginPatch file located inside the “plugins” folder in this archive and copy it to the plugins folder of your Myth 3 installation. The last step is to completely erase the contents of your cache folder and your preferences folder. You are now ready to play Myth 3.

2. Getting Your Multiplayer Account

In order to play Myth III via the internet against other players, you must have an account on the gaming service. These accounts are free and can be obtained by visiting the web site located at:
Please note that you must have a valid email address that is not part of some free web-based email services (hotmail, yahoo, etc). Registration takes a few moments and once completed you’ll be ready for action! Please be sure to review the terms of service and rules before signing up. reserves the right to terminate the account of any user. is not affiliated with Take 2 Interactive, Mumbo Jumbo Games, GOD Games, or MacSoft.

3. Logging On To

To log on to using your new account (or existing one if you’ve previously registered), launch your new Myth III game and select the play online option from the main menu. Be sure that you then select the PlayMyth option from the options at the top right of the screen. Next click on the Account Setup option near the top left of the screen. This will bring up a screen where you provide your username. This is the same username that you just registered on the web site. Usernames are casesensitive - so be sure you have entered your username exactly as you have it registered on Once finished, click the “Next” button. In this screen, enter your desired screen name or nick name. This can be anything and may contain spaces or special letters. Once you’ve provided your screen name, click next and you will return to the main login screen. Next, select primary and secondary team colors using the color wheels and brightness bars on the right of the screen and pick an icon. It is possible to create your own icon but you will need to find instructions on how to do this elsewhere. Be sure to also specify a team name even if you do not plan to play in team games. After this, provide the password in the password field on the left hand side of the screen and click the login button. If you did it right you will be logged on to! Welcome!

4 Troubleshooting

If you have trouble with Myth III, such as crashing bugs or notice strange behavior, please feel free to notify us via our message board. Before reporting a possible bug, please consult the list of Known Issues below. If an issue is known, please do not report it again! :) The forum for reporting bugs is at:

Click on the forums link and you’ll be ready to report. You will, however, have to create a forum account first.

If you are having problems connecting to, visit the forums at or send an email to Please do not ask us to set up accounts for you. You can easily set up your own account by visiting the web site at:

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