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'PlanetSide' Goes Open Beta

by Rainier on April 15, 2003 @ 1:45 p.m. PDT

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. announced that it has reached open beta for its highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online first-person action game, PlanetSide. The company has added 30,000 additional beta players to help test the game which will allow hundreds and thousands of players to fight online in an all-hours-of-the-day massive conflict. PlanetSide will ship to U.S. and Canadian retail stores in mid-May.

"PlanetSide is taking the first-person action genre beyond 32-player, 15-minute frag fests and dropping players into an action filled, large scale fray with thousands of allies and enemies fighting for control of the planet," said Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. "PlanetSide delivers a huge sense of scale, never before seen character development and growth, and a persistent global conflict to entice gamers into the fray."

About PlanetSide

PlanetSide is the world's first massively multiplayer online first-person action game. Featuring a vast game world where hundreds and thousands of players can battle one another in a fantastic science fiction environment, PlanetSide takes squad-based tactics to the next level. Players choose their allegiance and enlist with one of three unique empires in the struggle for planetary domination. Characters gain experience with every conflict, and can become one of the best in more than 30 combat specialties, including infantry, sniper, stealth commando, engineer, hacker, medic, pilot, driver and more.

PlanetSide also features:

  • Hundreds of different armor and weapons configurations to truly customize play style
  • More than a dozen different land and air vehicles to learn and master
  • Dozens of combat skills and specialties to assist your team and empire
  • Ten continents of unprecedented scale, always in turmoil and conflict
  • Massive battlefields with thousands of unique tactical situations and conflicts

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