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Play Films, Music Videos & MP3s On Your GBA And SP

by Thomas on April 21, 2003 @ 7:17 a.m. PDT

Pocket PC Films, the worldwide leader in multimedia distribution for handheld devices (Pocket PC, Palm OS, PDA’s and portable media devices), today announced that their Portable Media Devices unit has formed a joint venture with Pocketainment, to market and distribute the Pocket Pix Cartridge™, a plug and play adaptor that enables full-length feature films, video, and MP3’s to be played on Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP.

The new adaptor is designed to fit into the device’s plug-in card slot, and operates as easily as swapping out video games. The units advanced compression software enables it to fit up to 75 minutes of video and audio onto a standard 64MB SD card.

The cartridge comes equipped with an SD multimedia slot for storage, a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, stereo headphones, a free sample movie, code to download another free film and a USB port to transfer content. In addition, the Pocket Pix Cartridge™ comes equipped with its own player, the Pocket Pix Player™, which allows digital video and MP3 music to be played, and also comes equipped with its own codec to transcode other media formats.

Pocket PC Films’ feature film and video product, currently sold at retail on CD-ROM for use on Pocket PC devices, will also play on Game Boy units with the Pocket Pix Cartridge™. Content is transferred via the USB port using Pocket PC Films’ Smart Transfer Technology™. A few current titles include classic television (“The Beverly Hillbillies”), children’s animation (“Madeline”), theatrical full-length feature films (“The Big Easy,” “Natural Born Killers”), nonfiction (“Xtreme Sports with Tony Hawk,” “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2002”) and educational videos (language and business applications), with prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99. Pocket PC Films is also in negotiations with 3 major studios to distribute their high profile films available for the Pocket Pix.

The Pocket Pix Cartridge™ will debut at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, May 13-16 (at the Portable Media Devices booth # 6860), and will hit retail stores shortly thereafter at an MSRP of $59.95. The retail price includes the Pocket Pix Cartridge™, syncing cable, SD card, a CD-ROM with a sample film and a code to go to the Pocket Pix website to download another free film (the device will also be available minus the SD media card for $39.95 at In addition, there will be new films released each month for the Pocket Pix.

“We are very excited to be working with Pocketainment,” remarked Darrell Griffin, President and CEO, Pocket PC Films. “It is a perfect union, which allows us to bridge our complimentary products, while maximizing exposure and market penetration. With an [Game Boy Advance] installed base in the tens of millions, we are in a good position to attract a significant number of users to expand the capabilities of their device for about the same money as a new game title.”

“The Pocket Pix Cartridge was developed to unite the explosive success of the Game Boy platform with all forms of digital content,” remarked Marcus Krieter, CTO, Pocketainment. “Pocket PC Films has lead the way in moving content to new, portable platforms; clearly they are the best partners we could have hoped for in this rapidly growing market space”

Pocket Pix Cartridge Details:

  • Secure Digital (SD) slot
  • Full 15-bit color video at 10 frames per second (any resolution)
  • Full screen at 240 x 160 pixels is supported as well as any aspect ratio including wide screen 16:9 and standard 4:3 formats
  • 3.5mm-jack for variable audio quality (mono G.729 to stereo MP3)
  • Integrated USB port to transfer content to SD media
  • Simple User interface (UI) allows for: Play, Stop, Fast Forward/Reverse, Skip Forward and volume controls
  • Size: 57mm x 64mm x 11mm
  • Supports Digital Rights Management
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