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'Ghosthunter' Coming To PS2 Winter 2003

by Thomas on April 22, 2003 @ 8:43 a.m. PDT

Inspired by the cinematic styling of classic horror films, Ghosthunter combines high production values with solid gameplay, drawing players into a macabre, supernatural universe packed with stealth, exploration and all-out action.

Ghosthunter follows the adventures of Lazarus Jones, a Detroit cop turned supernatural demon hunter. During a routine patrol through a derelict High School, once the site of a brutal but unexplained massacre, Lazarus and his partner, Anna Steele, stumble across the ghost research laboratory of Professor Peter Richmond. Inadvertently, they release a host of deadly spirits and supernatural monsters who begin to wreak havoc around the world. One of the ghosts abducts Steele and another fuses with Lazarus gifting him with second sight, allowing him to see into the realm of the dead.

It is here that his true journey begins. Lazarus travels the haunted world hunting and capturing ghosts whilst searching for Steele, Richmond and the creature behind the original High School murders.

"With Ghosthunter, SCEE Studio Cambridge have created a dark, atmospheric fantasy that will appeal to both gamers and horror fans," said Chris Deering, president, SCEE. "The game utilises PlayStation 2's technical capabilities to combine film-quality graphics and sound with well developed characters and a compelling storyline, delivering a rich, cinematic experience that fully captures the essence of the action-horror genre".

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