Russobit-M At The E3

by Thomas on April 22, 2003 @ 8:47 a.m. PDT

Russobit-M is glad to invite everybody to their booth # 6427 in Kentia Hall at the upcoming E3. Read more for their line up!

Title: Xenus
Genre: rpg/3d action
Developer: Deep Shadows

Your goal is to find the sister, so you need to talk with many people to gather necessary information. And these people will not be always friendly to you. There are no predefined enemies in the game. There are a lot of characters but almost all of them are neutral to you at start. Actually, there are six sides in the game: officials, guerrilla, narco mafia, Indian, bandits, CIA. When you help to one of the side you inevitably spoil your relations with others. Instead of standard .locations. system, all actions in Xenus take place on a huge not-subdivided territory 25x25km, where the player can move freely. Due to the big size of the game world different drivable vehicles: helicopters, different kinds of cars, tanks are introduced.

Title: Neuro
Genre: 3d FPS
Developer: 3Map Games

It's our top secret project 3d shooter with an accent on using of neuro-technologies. We almost didn't talk about this project yet. It'll be our main project of the next year and at the E3 we're going to present the first gameplay movie of Neuro.

Title: Kreed
Genre: 3d FPS
Developer: BURUT CT

At the E3 we'll show the playable beta of this project.
Kreed is high-tech 3d-action, in which player will become Legionnaire . one of the most trained and dangerous warriors of 3rd millennium. According to the storyline, hero with small team of trade ship .Aspero. find himself in strange region of cosmic space. Nobody can go out from this zone, a lot of spacecrafts disappeared in this point of space. Player immerse in atmosphere of absolute hopeless, connection with outer world is broken and all around is only cemetery of spaceships . both new models and very old, which are here for thousand years.

The Main Hero of "KREED" must find the answers to a number of crucial questions that deal with his immediate relation with danger-filled reality, as well as take the risk of trying to understand his own self.

Title: Golden Land
Genre: turn-based RPG
Developer: BURUT CT

It is a role playing game with a global gameworld, developed role system, divaricated storyline allowing multiply passes of every quest, and turn-based battle system. The multiplayer mode allows players to join their energies on struggles against the enemies, to fight against each other and even to establish economical relations with other players.

Evaluative play time is about 100-120 hours. The plot is based on the old russian mythology.

Well, everybody are wellcome and have a great time at the E3!

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