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Hoyle Majestic Chess

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Genre: Simulation


'Hoyle Majestic Chess' Announced

by Thomas on April 26, 2003 @ 1:23 a.m. PDT

"Combining the strength of the Hoyle brand with Fluent's pedigree in developing chess and family strategy games was a no-brainer," said Jim Wilson, VU Games' EVP of Development. "'Hoyle Majestic Chess' is unlike any other chess product currently available, providing both the fun of classic chess and all the fun of an adventure game. And it can be enjoyed by anyone -- from novice player to expert. It's a product that can truly grow with the user's skill level."

The adventure component of "Hoyle Majestic Chess" is totally unique, and is one of its strongest features. "Chess Adventure" provides a unique form of chess-inspired entertainment, while also introducing the rules and strategies of chess to the novice and intermediate player. Chess Adventure presents a variety of chess scenarios and puzzles in the context of a larger, fantasy-themed strategic adventure.

In the guise of a lone King, players will face a series of chess-based puzzles, quests and tutorials as their quest unfolds through eight scenarios, each including dozens of chess challenges. As they learn and progress through Chess Adventure, players will "build" their own chess set, receiving pieces for successfully completing challenges and unlocking additional, increasingly difficult scenarios.

For the hardcore chess player, "Hoyle Majestic Chess" will feature a world-class chess "engine," designed by Dave Kittinger, one of the top chess engine writers in the world. Players can also expect a variety of play modes including robust Internet play, as well as 24 challenging artificial-intelligence personalities and a diverse selection of 2D and 3D themed chess sets to help provide an enjoyable experience for even the most seasoned chess player.

"We designed 'Hoyle Majestic Chess' to be the best chess software product available for the PC, and with such features as Chess Adventure, to be absolutely the most fun product if its kind, for experienced and new chess players alike," said Don Laabs, Chief Technology Officer for Fluent Entertainment.

"Hoyle Majestic Chess" will be distributed by Vivendi Universal Games in North America and Europe.

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