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K-1 World Grand Prix

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Konami & K-1 USA Team Up To Promote 'K-1 World Grand Prix'

by Rainier on April 29, 2003 @ 2:17 p.m. PDT

A growing combat sport that has taken Japan by storm, K-1 brings together the toughest practitioners of various martial arts to create the world's most challenging fighting competition. This July, players can step into the virtual ring with Konami's new videogame, K-1 World Grand Prix - the most realistic recreation of the sport ever, with stunning true-to-life graphics and realistic fighting styles of over 20 real-life fighters.

Konami and K-1 World Grand Prix will have a significant presence at all live K-1 USA events. The Konami logo will be prominently featured on the ring canvas, fighters' gloves, event countdown clocks, arena banners and even on the event's championship trophy. Konami will also be displayed on all event advertising, including more than 75,000 posters that will be distributed to martial arts schools nationwide and pay-per-view martial arts fans. Additionally, attendees of the K-1 events will have the opportunity to sample the videogame during all North American events. K-1 World Grand Prix booths will be set up at each venue, enabling players to experience the game first-hand.

Konami will garner major television exposure during the K-1 pay-per-view events carried by DirecTV, iN DEMAND, Dish Network and TVN. ESPN will produce six half-hour K-1 programs (each to be replayed numerous times) that will feature Konami billboards book-ending each telecast. Konami will also receive two 30-second advertising spots for K-1 World Grand Prix during the first two airings of each program, totaling 24 national promotional spots. Throughout these airings, the Konami logo will accompany "on-air scorecards" and countdown clocks.

Additional cross-promotional opportunities in the deal include videogame footage on K-1 promotional DVDs, a link to the Konami web site on the K-1 web site ( and opportunities for future promotions with other licensees.

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