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Hercules Reveals Their New 'XPS 2.100' Speakers

by Rainier on April 4, 2003 @ 10:01 a.m. PST

Today Hercules send us some details of their new upcoming speakers, the XPS 2.100 and it suffices to say they look awesome. The speakers are made with neodymium, a new material with a higher magnetic value than ferriet used in most traditional speakers (for the tech savvy people neodymium has 12.000 Gaus vs. 4,200 Gaus in ferriet magnets). This allowed Hercules to make a small neodymium speaker that has as much power as big ferriet speakers. Apart from that you can also attach them to the walls. Read more for some screens and details ...

Key Features

  • High tech design matching high tech environment
  • High fidelity sound


  • Style
    • Innovative style for high tech environment
  • Audio Quality
    • 60W RMS Power: 35 W RMS subwoofer + 2 x 12.5 W RMS satellites
    • Large audio bandwidth: 30-150Hz subwoofer + 2-ways satellites
  • Comfort
    • Wired Remote control with headphone plug
    • Space saving satellites with foldable basis for wall attachment
    • Power supply integrated in the subwoofer
  • Security
    • Magnetic shielded satellites
    • On/Off switch for the amplifier on the remote control
    • On/Off switch for the power supply on the subwoofer
    • Neodymium drivers protected by a cross in the satellites


  • Multimedia users for the design and ease of use
  • Audiophile market for the audio quality


  • Innovative Speakers Design
    • 2-channel slim satellites with neodymium drivers
    • Foldable metal basis supporting both desktop and wall attachment
    • Space saving design: 20cm silver-style satellite
  • Solid Audio Power
    • 35W RMS wooden subwoofer
    • Frequency response: 30-150Hz
    • Large bass reflex tube
    • Size: 265x245x230mm
    • 2x12.5W RMS satellite
    • Frequency response: 150-20,000Hz
    • 2-channel satellites
    • Size: 40x210x40mm
  • Wired Remote Control
    • Volume, treble, bass setting
    • Stereo headphone jack 3.5mm connector
    • On/Off blue LED
  • Perfect for 2.1 audio playback on
    • PC
    • DVD player
    • TV and Games Consoles


  • Magnetically shielded satellites
  • Wooden enclosed subwoofer
  • Input connection type: Right/Left cinch input
  • Input cables: 2 cables of 150cm
    • a stereo jack 3.5mm to dual cinch (for connection to computer)
    • a dual cinch to dual cinch (for connection to DVD, and game console)
  • Satellites audio cable: RCA connector, 135cm length

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