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'Combat Command 2: Danger Forward' Gold Edition Announced

by Thomas on May 10, 2003 @ 10:18 a.m. PDT

Shrapnel Games is proud to announce the next in the highly acclaimed Combat Command series. From master designer Dave Erickson and Boku Strategy Games comes Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Gold Edition, slated for release June 09, 2003 it will be available online for $39.95, those who pre-order before the end of May will save $5.00. The gold edition takes the classic company-level wargame and makes it even better. New graphics! New battles! New rule tweaks! These tweaks offer subtle, yet important, enhancements to Combat Command 2's already mesmerizing gameplay.

"The Gold Edition is Combat Command as I've always wanted it to be, " Dave Erickson, lead designer of the series, is happy to report. "The new graphics are outstanding, and the seven new battles illustrate one of the strengths of this game system, and that is the ability to simulate historical battles that would be impossible to recreate with a game at a more common scale. You'll find the new rule tweaks are also just what the doctor ordered. Finally, the game itself has been brought up to Desert Rats standards."

Combat Command 2 is an innovative grand tactical hex- and turn-based game in the tradition of classic wargaming that authentically recreates the most exciting (and often least seen in gaming) engagements of World War II. From Crete to Normandy, from Belgium to the last gasp of the Third Reich on the German frontier, Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Gold offers battle as no other computer wargame before it.

Emphasizing command control and combined arms tactics, and using companies as the units of maneuver, (with ½ km hexes and 2 hour turns) Combat Command 2 combines the you-are-there feel of a small unit game with the more cerebral elements of an operational simulation. Combat Command 2 recreates the uncertainty of the modern battlefield as no other game on the market.

The Gold Edition sports the following features:

* A plethora of ready to play battles including Hurtgen Forest, Operation Sealion (hypothetical), Crete, Utah Beach, Anzaio, Gela, and twenty one more! Seven of the battles are brand new to the Gold Edition!
* Use the included scenario editor to create your own battles. Set all the scenario parameters, including air power, pilot experience (to make sure those gliders don't end up landing on the roof of the local Wehrmacht's canteen), weather, and initiative. Highly intuitive, you'll be fighting your own battles in no time!
* You want chrome? Combat Command 2 has chrome, enough chrome to make you blind! There are rules for infiltration movement, radio contact, unit postures, unit quality, mine clearing, bridge laying, armor ratings…unparalleled realism!
* New graphics!
* Important revisions to the amphibious landing and disruption recovery rules, both of which have a tremendous impact on play balance and realism.
* Play against the impressive AI, or against a friend via PBEM, hotseat, or over the 'net!

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