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Buena Vista Games Premieres @ E3

by Thomas on May 12, 2003 @ 5:30 a.m. PDT

Buena Vista Games, Inc., the global interactive entertainment arm of The Walt Disney Company, today announced its new line-up of exciting PC and video game titles designed to rivet players of all ages to their gaming devices at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Leading the portfolio is the much-awaited TRON 2.0 for PC. The game's new high-speed multiplayer light cycle racing feature is debuting on the show floor at the company's booth, number 924, South Hall.

Buena Vista Games publishes titles under two labels: Buena Vista Interactive, which focuses on high-profile multi-platform games based on the diverse creative content from numerous businesses within The Walt Disney Company, and Disney Interactive, which markets and distributes the company's award-winning children's entertainment and learning software and video games.

"This year's E3 is a significant kick-off milestone for Buena Vista Games," said Graham Hopper, senior vice president and general manager, Buena Vista Games. "We're showcasing a wide range of PC and video games under two separate publishing labels, allowing us to more effectively reach a broader segment of the market."

Blockbuster Interactive Entertainment Properties

Gamers can jump right into the virtual action of the following blockbuster interactive entertainment properties:

* TRON 2.0, a story-driven, first-person action game inspired by the classic TRON movie starring Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan and Jeff Bridges. The title combines an epic adventure with innovative, never-before-seen gameplay and a unique, groundbreaking visual style. Players now have the opportunity to race against each other on multiplayer light cycles re-designed by Syd Mead, the film's concept and original light cycle designer. Actress and supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos stars as the voice of sexy light cycle champion Mercury, who helps players fight through perilous enemies and situations. Rated T, TRON 2.0 will be available for PC in August 2003 through Buena Vista Interactive.

* SPYKIDS 3-D: GAME OVER plunges kids inside the cyber world of a video game in 3-D with their favorite spies Carmen and Juni. Based on the upcoming summer movie of the same name, SPYKIDS 3-D: GAME OVER is available as two distinct games for Game Boy(R) Advance and PC in July 2003 from Disney Interactive. The Game Boy(R) Advance version is the first game with 3-D for this handheld platform. Both titles let kids crack secret codes that unlock rewards viewable with special SPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER glasses that come with the game or theater showing the film.

Action adventure games on display from Buena Vista Games' licensees include:

* ALIAS for PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft, from Acclaim Entertainment.

* PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN for Xbox and PC from Bethesda Softworks.


* A sneak peek at TIM BURTON'S NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS for PlayStation 2, from Capcom.

Girl Games

For older and younger girls who want to pal around with Disney's popular television heroines Lizzie McGuire and Kim Possible, as well as play in the enchanted, magical world of Disney Princess royalty, the company is presenting:

* LIZZIE MCGUIRE, a great Game Boy Advance title for girls on the go. The game features fun activities and party games that young girls love, such as Charades and MatchMaker. Girls can even keep track of horoscopes, biorhythms and their best friends with a built-in address and date book. Disney Interactive is publishing LIZZIE MCGUIRE, which is slated for release in fall 2003.

* KIM POSSIBLE: REVENGE OF MONKEY FIST, a dynamic, must have title with a can-do attitude for Game Boy Advance. Inspired by the hit animated comedy series airing on Disney Channel and ABC Kids, KIM POSSIBLE takes girls on an extraordinary, fast-paced action adventure around the world to chase down evil villains Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist, who are plotting to take over the world. It's up to Kim to battle an army of Monkey ninjas, foil Drakken's plan and save her missing loyal sidekick, Ron Stoppable. Published by Disney Interactive and available now at retail stores nationwide.

* DISNEY PRINCESS ROYAL HORSE SHOW, a PC/Macintosh hybrid that allows players to help Princesses prepare for the Royal Horse show. Girls can groom their favorite horses and dress them up in beautiful accessories to get them ready for the festivities. Young virtual equestrians can even ride the horses through various environments and obstacles at the Royal Fairgrounds. DISNEY PRINCESS ROYAL HORSE SHOW is shipping in fall 2003 from Disney Interactive.

* DISNEY PRINCESS CINDERELLA'S CASTLE DESIGNER, the first real-time 3-D Princess game that lets girls join Cinderella in her fantasy land and create and decorate beautiful castles and gardens. Girls can build the palace of their dreams by customizing different magical castles, designing the walls and landscapes, and furnishing the interior of Cinderella's home with hundreds of accessories. The Disney Interactive-published title is available now for PC/Macintosh.

THQ, Inc.'s DISNEY PRINCESS for Game Boy Advance is also available on the show floor.

Youngsters and Families

Young kids, moms and dads will enjoy exploring the following interactive worlds that are destined to entertain and enchant them for hours:

* BROTHER BEAR, based on the Walt Disney Pictures animated feature film of the same name, slated for the big screen in fall 2003. The game lets players follow the adventures of Kenai and Koda, two Kodiak bears in the Pacific Northwest. Disney Interactive is shipping PC and Game Boy Advance versions of the title in November 2003.

* THE WIGGLES: WIGGLE BAY, a fun-packed CD-ROM that lets boys and girls ages three and older wiggle the whole day long with The Wiggles, the
children's entertainment sensation from Australia. Kids and their families will have a blast learning and discovering through puzzles, music and games that are accompanied by The Wiggles and their loveable sidekicks, such as Wags the Dog. Published by Disney Interactive and available now for PC/Macintosh.

Other family-oriented licensed titles at the booth are:

* FINDING NEMO for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance and PC/Macintosh, from THQ.

* THE HAUNTED MANSION for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and Game Boy Advance, from TDK Mediactive.


* DISNEY'S PARTY for Nintendo GameCube(TM) and Game Boy Advance, from Electronic Arts.

For all sports fans and boys, several titles published by licensees are featured:

* DISNEY'S EXTREME SKATE ADVENTURE for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox from Activision, Inc.

* NBA 2K4 AND NFL 2K4, featuring ESPN style presentations for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, from Visual Concepts Entertainment.

* POWER RANGERS NINJA STORM for Game Boy Advance and PC, from THQ.

Massively multi-player online gaming followers can now also enter an exciting brand new Disney world and connect with people from all over the Internet to play:

* TOONTOWN ONLINE, Disney Online's first massively multiplayer 3-D online game for kids, is an irreverent, ever-changing online world where Toons join together to defeat the evil Cogs -- a money-hungry mob of business robots that are attempting to take over Toontown. The adventures in this game involve flying pies, falling pianos, evil corporate cogs and thousands and thousands of Toons.

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