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'Desert Thunder: 7th Cavalry Heavy Armored Division' Announced

by Rainier on May 13, 2003 @ 12:40 a.m. PDT

Toronto-based Groove Games, a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the signing of a game development deal with Brainbox Games. Also based in Toronto, Brainbox Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Extremes, will create two games under the agreement with the first title for the PC already in development.

The objective of the partnership between the two companies is to create impressively high quality interactive experiences at an attractive price point to casual gamers, or simply stated by Groove Games president, Jon Walsh, “We’re redefining value.”

Walsh continues, “Partnering with a strong development team like Brainbox Games will help differentiate our games from the low-quality budget titles that flood the market every year. There’s no reason why value-priced products can’t include immersive fine-tuned gameplay and eye-popping graphics.”

“The mission of Brainbox Games is to create well made games that appeal to the casual gamer,” said James Schmalz, founder of Digital Extremes and Brainbox Games. “The idea is to provide high production quality games on a smaller scale in terms of content scope and complexity similar to say, creating a hit TV series as opposed to a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie. This development model also allows us more flexibility to test out new game concepts and ideas because of the lower financial risk involved. We’re hoping this may open the door to many more new original ideas that often can’t be developed because of the risk and time commitment involved with higher budget projects.”

The first game under the new agreement, Desert Thunder™ is currently in development and is getting a head start on quality by utilizing the advanced technology of the UnrealĀ® engine which includes Karma physics by MathEngineĀ®. Fully titled, Desert Thunder: 7th Cavalry Heavy Armored Division puts gamers in the driver’s seat of an Abrams M1A3x Advanced tank. Action fanatics will get a thrill from driving and blasting through fully destructible highly detailed environments while completing adrenaline-charged challenging missions on the way to victory over a tyrannical terrorist regime.

Expect to see Desert Thunder: 7th Cavalry Heavy Armored Division for the PC in stores this holiday season.

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