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'GeForce FX 5900' Powering More Than 600 PCs @ E3

by Thomas on May 13, 2003 @ 8:25 a.m. PDT

NVIDIA Corporation the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, announced today that the newly unveiled GeForce FX 5900 series of graphics processing units (GPUs) is the overwhelming platform of choice for game publishers and developers showcasing the hottest PC games at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. More than 600 desktop and notebook PCs on 32 booths throughout the exhibition halls will be powered by NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs, including the all-new GeForce FX 5900 models, demonstrating next-generation games such as Tron 2.0, Pirates of the Caribbean, Homeworld 2, Enter the Matrix, Deus Ex: The Invisible War and S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Oblivion Lost.

NVIDIA also announced that many of the hottest new PC games introduced at E3 will carry the "NVIDIA: The Way It's Meant to Be Played" (TWIMTBP) seal, joining a growing catalogue of titles that are optimised for play on desktop and notebook PCs powered by NVIDIA® graphics hardware.

"The performance, compatibility and reliability of NVIDIA GPUs make them the choice of PC gamers worldwide," said Dan Vivoli, executive vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "By combining leading-edge hardware with software from our 'The Way It's Meant To Be Played' program, we're able to take the guess-work out of PC software compatibility for a better out-of-box experience. The consumer benefits by experiencing these games exactly as they were meant to be played."

"The graphic capabilities and the technologies that have emerged over the last few years have enabled us to build much larger worlds, and inhabit those worlds with a lot more characters, while still maintaining performance frame rates that gamers have come to expect," added Ken Balthasar, producer for Battlefield 1942 at Electronic Arts. "NVIDIA GPUs are crucial to experiencing Battlefield 1942 the way it's meant to be played."

Introduced in 2002, TWIMTBP has garnered support from the world's top PC game publishers and developers working with NVIDIA hardware to design, test and deploy their games. Many TWIMTBP games have become best-selling, award-winning titles and the program is supported by leading game publishers including: Activision, Atari, BioWare, CDV Games, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Eidos Interactive, NC Soft, NovaLogic, LucasArts, Microsoft Game Studios, Square Enix, Ubi Soft and more.

Scott Valencia, executive director at CompUSA's GameFixx commented: "With TWIMTBP, NVIDIA is doing a great job of making a console-like platform connection for PC games. For retailers like CompUSA, this is a great program as we know that games carrying the NVIDIA logo are being played on NVIDIA hardware provide the best experience and are less likely to be returned - and that's great for everyone."

Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein concluded: "NVIDIA-powered PCs deliver the ultimate expandable high-end gaming platform. Technology moves forward all the time and the great thing about PC gaming is that you can have an upgradeable game system that allows you to experience the latest and greatest games at their full potential. NVIDIA has done a great job keeping their drivers and GPUs compatible from version to version and that means gamers can easily upgrade their systems to new NVIDIA GPUs to keep up with the latest technology."

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