'Law and Order: Dead on the Money' Coming 6th June - Screens

by Thomas on May 13, 2003 @ 10:47 a.m. PDT

Mindscape today announced the release of Law and Order: Dead on the Money, a unique blend of field investigation and courtroom trial gameplay based on the award-winning TV series, due for PC on 6th June 2003. Law and Order has over 20 million worldwide viewers per episode and is currently being broadcast on Channel Five on Saturday nights within the UK. Filmed entirely on location in New York City, this realistic programme looks at crime and justice from a dual perspective. In the first half-hour, Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Edward Green investigate crimes and apprehend suspects under the supervision of their precinct lieutenant, Anita Van Buren. In the second half-hour, the focus shifts to the criminal courts. Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy and Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn work within a complicated justice system to prosecute the accused.

Law and Order: Dead on the Money will draw on the TV series' enthralling mix of action in both the field and courtroom with the case of the murder of a hotshot New York City investment broker found strangled in Central Park.

Law and Order: Dead on the Money brings an all-new style of gameplay to the PC, offering players the chance to play as a detective investigating the crime or as an assistant district attorney for the trial mode. The game's cutting-edge 3D graphics add that all-important sense of realism to the proceedings and a wide variety of innovative options keep the gameplay and the investigation fresh and interesting.

In the complex process of determining guilt and innocence, lives often hang in the balance. Law and Order: Dead on the Money will put these lives in the hands of the player.

Law and Order: Dead on the Money will be published by Mindscape for PC on 6th June 2003, priced £29.99.

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