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'Playboy: The Mansion' To Be Developed By Cyberlore - Features

by Thomas on May 14, 2003 @ 5:47 a.m. PDT

Kicking off the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), co-publishers ARUSH Entertainment and Groove Games today announced that Massachusetts developer Cyberlore has begun development on Playboy: The Mansion. Gamers worldwide will get the chance to build Hugh Hefner's Playboy Empire on their PCs and console gaming systems in late 2004.

"We were looking for a development team that could handle the enormity of creating a game that communicates the excitement and essence of the world- renowned Playboy brand and we found it in Cyberlore," said Jim Perkins, spokesman for ARUSH and Groove. "Their impressive creativity and development experience will make Playboy: The Mansion a true simulation of the Playboy lifestyle."

Cyberlore has experience on all current generation console platforms, as well as Windows. The company's award-winning titles span multiple genres, and include the upcoming RISK for the PlayStation® 2, Mechwarrior(TM) 4: Mercenaries, Majesty(TM): The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, and WarCraft® II: Beyond the Dark Portal.

"We are using our extensive experience with simulation, strategy and role- playing games to make Playboy: The Mansion into a true-to-life replica of the Playboy lifestyle," said Joe Minton, President & CEO of Cyberlore. "Gamers will be given the chance to feel what it's like to walk in Hef's slippers."

Playboy: The Mansion is a truly unique gaming experience that seamlessly combines an intriguing social interaction simulation with empire building challenges. In the game the player assumes the persona of world-famous playboy Hugh Hefner, building Playboy Magazine and the Playboy Mansion into dynamic cultural icons and making the Playboy brand one of the world's most recognizable. Gamers will also live the lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with stunning women and popular celebrities, and share the mystique of the mansion by hosting lavish parties. Crafty management of the social scene of your Mansion will be a requirement to keep the business end of things thriving. Scoring hot celebrity interviews and arranging sexy photo shoots will be just some of the things the player will encounter in growing the empire.

More features of Playboy: The Mansion include:

* A fully 3D environment with a dynamic camera. Zoom out and admire the majesty of each Mansion area or zoom in and view the excitement up close.

* Multiple Playboy estate areas, including the inside of the Mansion, Back Lawn, Pool and Grotto, Gym, Tennis Court, Zoo, Game House and Garage.

* Hundreds of "Celebrities," including actors, athletes, authors, business executives, comedians, fashion designers, models, musicians, politicians and racecar drivers.

* Campaign Mode -- A dozen missions that chronicle Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion's rise to international fame.

* Empire Mode -- Select your own goals (fame, circulation, guests, etc) and then work over a series of months or years to achieve them.

* The Playboy Philosophy -- You're rewarded for living the good life, having a positive sexual attitude and promoting tolerance and individual freedom.

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