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Sid Meier's 'Civilization III: Conquests' - Announced

by Thomas on May 16, 2003 @ 9:13 a.m. PDT

Take over the world... one conquest at a time... Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests takes players on a provocative journey through the ages as they pursue victory in the most famous conquests in history. What does Civ Conquests give to fans of the award-winning series? Simply put — more Civ: More to Build, More to Fight, More to Rule!

Civ fans will discover intriguing new civilizations, units, wonders, technologies, and abilities to help them triumph in eight professionally designed conquests throughout history. Compete as one of the eight new Civilizations, each with its own powerful leader, unique units and special abilities, and lead your nation to its destiny. New victory conditions, Wonders of the World, terrain elements, resources, city improvements, and governments offer endless variation in your quest to rule the world. Improved multiplayer and play-by-email support, intense diplomatic situations, and a slew of editor enhancements, round out what Time Magazine calls "the greatest computer strategy game of all time."

Do you have what it takes to lead a civilization to greatness? Or, will your nation be conquered by some greater power? You decide.

Take over the World – One Conquest at a time!

Eight professionally designed adventures challenge you to recreate the great conquests of history. Battle for control of Mesopotamia in the Cradle of Civilization, or for the rich and vast resources in the Americas. Then, embark on a campaign through time as you attempt to conquer some of the most powerful civilizations ever and earn a place among the greatest leaders in history!

Throughout the course of each conquest, players are introduced to each of the additional features of Civ Conquests, including:

Civilizations – Eight new powerful civilizations from the innovative Sumerians to the mystical Mayans.

Units – Use Trebuchets to batter down the enemy's walls or Sumerian Enkidu Warriors to quickly gain military dominance

Disasters – Beware the volcanoes, or Pompeii could become your reality

Diplomacy – Locked alliances allow good vs. evil conflicts you'll never forget

Map Features – Bombard the enemy and leave behind craters

Resources – Fight for control over Tobacco, Jade & Exotic Birds

Wonders – Get the Statue of Zeus to really make your troops powerful

Governments – Forming an Islamic Sultanate is just one of the new ways to rule your people

And much, much more!

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