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'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 18, 2003 @ 2:48 p.m. PDT

Rockstar Games has released a new patch for their recently released 3D action game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This patch upgrades your retail game to v1.1. This unsupported release comes in English and German editions, and it addresses a polygon corruption on certain video card and PC combinations, so it's not needed if you don't experience the problem. Read more for download links ...

Get the GTA: Vice City v1.1 patch off Worthplaying (2mb)

*** Users who DO NOT have this corruption NEED NOT apply this patch ***


Zip file "" containing:

- ViceCity_Patch_11.exe
- ReadmeNOW.txt (this file)


  • Unzip file.
  • ** OPTIONAL ** make a copy of your original GTA-VC.EXE file (from the directory the you installed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for when this issue is fixed with a driver update, and you would like to revert to the original version).
  • Start ViceCity_Patch_11.exe.
  • After clicking next twice, browse to your installed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City directory (the directory where GTA-VC.EXE resides) and click next.
  • The patch will check for the presence of the correct GTA-VC.EXE file. If the patch finds an un-modified GTA-VC.EXE, then this file will be updated to version 1.1, otherwise no patching can occur.
  • Click start to begin the update process.
  • After patching click exit.

The only file changed by this patch is GTA-VC.EXE which is upgraded to version 1.1

Save game and setting files are carried forward with no issues.

This fix is an UN-SUPPORTED update that corrects polygon corruption that has been noticed on certain video cards and PC combinations.

This is the only change that has been made from your original version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

*** Users who DO NOT have this corruption NEED NOT apply this patch ***

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