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Empire's Budget Label 'Xplosiv' Goes PS2

by Rainier on May 2, 2003 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT

Empire announces that it has finalised the launch plans for PS2 budget titles in 2003. The budget line up will launch with six titles from last year including Victorious Boxers, Kuri Kuri Mix, Driven, Wild Wild Racing and Endgame as well as Psyvariar, an arcade shoot'em-up previously unreleased in Europe. The new titles will retail at the £14.99 price point. Further titles have also been signed for roll-out in release batches scheduled throughout the remainder of 2003.

Empire's PC budget range, Xplosiv, has shown continuous growth since its launch in July 2000. It achieved the 2002 UK Christmas number one PC budget title with Sonic 3D, which sold almost 200,000 copies. Last year, it realised sales of over 1.5 million units, representing 20% of the total European business and over 50% growth on 2001.

Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire commented: "2002 was a very successful year for our Xplosiv business; at one point, Xplosiv titles held six of the top ten positions in the budget charts. Sonic 3D was just the icing on the cake and demonstrates just how far the Xplosiv brand has developed in two years. The PS2 line up which consists of quality, established and previously unreleased titles will allow us to build on this success.

Xplosiv continues to dominate its market and now offers full pan-European distribution on the PC platform; we hope to achieve something similar with the PS2 line up. Budget titles remain an integral part of our business model and represents one of a number of revenue streams now available to the Group."

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