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PS2 Price Cut In UK

by Thomas on May 27, 2003 @ 12:29 a.m. PDT is offering PS2 consoles at the lowest official price of only £129.99 in UK. This price matches upcoming Sony PS2 console reductions across continental Europe, which excludes the UK.

This isn't the first time that British consumers are paying a higher price than their European counterparts for purchasing a global brand, but the Internet is coming to the rescue. consistently prices DVD movies, games and music CDs at European prices which equates to savings of up to 40% below leading UK high street retail prices.

To improve value on PS2 games, is further driving down PS2 software prices with a "two games for only £20" offer on over 30 titles including Wipeout Fusion and Timesplitters.

PS2 consoles and games are not the only competitively priced UK games products. is pricing the Microsoft X-Box console at only £119.99 and the Nintendo Game Cube at £79.99 - both leading market prices that currently beat high street retailers.

Jenny Taylor, Head of Marketing at, comments: "We're constantly striving to give our customers the very best prices for game consoles and leading game titles in the UK. Sony has taken significant steps in making price reductions across continental Europe and other major markets and we are keen to ensure that the British consumer doesn't lose out."

*All prices include VAT and delivery. was ranked as the UK's No. 1 shopping site for movies, music and games for January-March 2003, according to new data published by leading online research company Hitwise.

PS2 UK RRP is £169.99 price is £129.99

X-Box UK RRP is £129.99 and price is £119.99

Game Cube UK RRP is £129.99 and price is £79.99

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