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'Outlaw Volleyball' (Xbox) Star 'Summer' Opens Website

by Rainier on May 28, 2003 @ 8:56 a.m. PDT

Simon & Schuster Interactive announced today that "Summer," one of the stars of the forthcoming Xbox game "Outlaw Volleyball" has launched her fan site called "" Located at, fans can interact with their favorite adult entertainer and some of her friends including 'El Suave,' 'Country Clem,' 'Harley,' and 'Ice Trey' ("Outlaw Volleyball" is rated "M" or "Mature" by the ESRB; Shipping: Late June 2003 for Xbox). You can also check the latest Outlaw Volleyball trailer right here!

"After working long, hard weekends at the Foxy Boxy Club while finishing my PHD, and then developing such a loyal following when I starred in Outlaw Golf last year, I thought it would be fun to erect my own Web site," said Summer. "I wanted to bare my soul for my fans so they could come and enjoy everything I have to offer in the privacy of their homes."

Summer is doing this group thing with her fellow "Outlaw Volleyball" cohorts.

Fans will be treated to:

  • Cookin' with Clem - Only the finest recipes for the discerning palate are featured. Look for: Harley's BBQ Hog, Summers Sexy Sauce, and Shawnee's Keeboobs.
  • Harley's Most Wanted - Learn more about Summer's friends and what turns them on!
  • Suave's Love Lessons - Want to feel El Suave's love? Quit twirling your joystick and check out this section.
  • Summer Relief - Summer offers her wealth of knowledge about everything. From relationships to how to succeed in adult entertainment, Summer is all knowing. Fans can email Summer their questions, comments, and explicit fantasies to
  • Summer Snaps - Summer and her friends share their latest photos from trips around the world.
  • Action Movies - Fans can check out clips from Summer's latest project - "Outlaw Volleyball."
  • Membership - Sign up here for the latest updates and secret love letters.
  • Ice Trey's Music - Coming soon the tracks from the forthcoming "Outlaw Volleyball" soundtrack Executive Produced by music veteran Nile Rodgers (Madonna's "Like a Virgin," David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and many others).


OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL is the second title in the Outlaw series of humorous, gameplay driven games. "Outlaw Volleyball" will be the first volleyball game for the Xbox Live(tm) multiplayer game network which allows gamers to play against one another around the world. In OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL players compete against one another in exotic locations such as a sewer, and a woman's prison while spiking the ball down their opponent's throat.


Gamers begin OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL by choosing from one of four game modes:

  • Tour - Show your volleyball skills on more than 10 off-the-wall courts.
  • Exhibition - Want a quickie? Get going fast with a quick game.
  • Tutorials - Learn how to play with yourself with this handy mode. Spiking, diving, and serving are just a few of the skills you'll learn.
  • Drills - Get toned and ready to compete with fun mini-games such as "Spectator Invaders," "Bump-a-palooza," "Block Party," and many others.


OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL features 10 courts so real you'll be cleaning the sand from your crotch for days! Some of the exotic locales include:

  • Tar Beach
    • Located on the roof top of a grimy inner city apartment building, this volleyball court is blessed with breathtaking views of absolutely nothing. Fans flock here for the exciting play and to catch a buzz off the rising bus fumes. Remember at Tar Beach peeing off the roof is encouraged.
  • The Big House
    • There's a reason why Santa never visits this joint, because the girls here have been very, very naughty. Welcome to the only volleyball venue where fans are routinely cavity searched before each game. This dank, cold prison is the perfect place for non-stop volleyball action... So, grab a hold of some cell bars and do some serious time at the Big House.
  • Stinky Falls
    • Hold your nose, folks, and welcome to Stinky Falls -- the only volleyball court in the world built in an underground sewer. Ah, the lunacy. If the court appears to be moving, that's because it's covered with hundreds of gallons of flowing, chunky, corn-riddled refuse. Everyone who's ever played in this putrid venue agrees that this court truly stinks!
  • Graves End Station
    • Welcome to Third Rail Junction! Located just off the D train, this subway-convenient court is popular with sports fans, trains buffs and vagrants. This is the ideal spot for high-voltage volleyball or just doing some serious tagging. Break out the tokens and catch a game, but whatever you do, don't pee on the third rail.
  • Jungle Fever
    • Step into a rainforest paradise where the competition is tough, the scenery's spectacular and the mosquitoes are the size of SUVs. Mingle with the natives, who are always friendly, even when they're firing poison darts at you. Get ready for some awesome bumping, setting and spiking action... and maybe a nasty case of malaria too.


OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL has the hottest, most boisterous and rowdy ladies in any sport videogame to date. Check out these arresting ladies:

  • Summer
    • Recently featured in an all nude review at the Foxy Boxy Club, Summer has applied her PHD in Physics to solving that vexing problem of pole burn. When she's not busy taking it off for some horny businessmen, she getting it on the volleyball court. Oh, yes, Summer can really bump, grind, set and spike with the best of 'em.
  • Harvest
    • Raised by whale-saving, granola-eating, unemployed incense salesmen, Harvest is one hot, green-piece of ass! A firm believer in "love, not war," Harvest is one third laid back, one third fun-loving and one third raging bitch. Three traits that make this Dead Head rock with Flower Power on the volleyball court! So, in honor of Harvest, lets all hug a tree and give peace a chance.
  • Lizzy
    • Born and raised in the grimy back alleys of London, Lizzy is one tough lady. She's rude, vulgar and lacks any semblance of class... and those are her good qualities. When Lizzy isn't busy piercing some part of her body or waxing herself raw, she's out spiking opponents with a volleyball.
  • Shawnee
    • Circle the wagons boys, cause this Native American beauty is on the war path. Armed with nothing more than grit and determination... and a great set of tomahawks, Shawnee is ready to exact some vicious revenge on the volleyball court.
  • Donna Maroni
    • With high hair and polished finger nails, Donna Maroni may not look like your average volleyballer, but she can throw down with the best of them. From the rough and tumble streets of Queens, New York, Donna talks more trash than the entire department of sanitation.
  • Chica Chavez
    • Hailing from the sun drenched island of Puerto Rico, Chica Chavez likes her food hot and her men even hotter. Her fiery temper sometimes gets in the way of her game, but when she's on, she runs up the score faster than you can get the runs from empanadas!
  • Natasha
    • Runner up in a Dolph Lungren look-a-like contest, Natasha is a tough-as-nails Siberian spiker who is equally adept at volleyball as she is at international espionage. Natasha's philosophy on and off the court is "take no prisoners"...unless there's vodka involved. Natasha always has on a game face, but no one seems to notice thanks to her looming warheads.
  • Harley
    • Just as comfortable on a volleyball court as she is on her hog, Harley is one woman you don't want to mess with. She keeps her hand/eye coordination sharp by tossing back shots of Jack and punching out burly bikers. And when she's not practicing volleyball, she likes to explore her feminine side, by resisting arrest and collecting restraining orders.

OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL also features the most bad-ass, clueless dudes in online sporting such as:

  • Leon
    • A former all-pro who excelled at football, baseball, and beating the snot out of coaches, umpires and fans, Leon has been thrown off of some of the best sports teams in the world. Leon prides himself on being a vicious volleyball player and an all around mean "mo-fo."
  • El Suave
    • Hailing from South of the border, this gorgeous hunk of a man prides himself on being himself. However, when facing an opponent on the volleyball court, El Suave will do whatever it takes to grind and thrust his way to victory.
  • Ice Trey
    • When you think of cutting fat beats and busta-rhyme-rapping-playahs, Ice Trey should not come to mind. Having barely survived the dangerous back alleys of Rodeo Drive, Ice Trey knows what it's like to suffer. After all, his parents actually made him pay his own credit card bills. Ice Trey will tell you his game is off da hizzy fo shizzy! Whatever the hell that means!
  • Doe Joe
    • When he's not flying off on his monthly pilgrimage to Graceland to pay respects to the King, Doe Joe splits his time between crooning at topless Karaoke bars and teaching "Karate For Dummies." No stranger to a volleyball court, Doe Joe is a fierce competitor and general nuisance to the female species.
  • Country Clem
    • Born and raised in the backwoods of Swampass County comes the man who put the "bum" in bumpkin -- Country Clem! This unwashed, toothless wonder can not only slam a volleyball, he can turn a can of nibletts corn into 200 proof sour mash.
  • Killer Miller
    • Feared for his mean, nasty demeanor, Killer Miller is actually a pretty nice guy at heart... yeah right! Killer knows his way around a court, having been arrested so many times his bail bondsman is on speed dial. When he's not pursuing his hobby -- jury tampering -- Killer likes nothing more than reigning down hellacious spikes on his opponents and shanking fellow prisoners that look at him funny.
  • Nikki Steele
    • Aside from sex, drugs and Rock & Roll, Nikki Steele loves nothing more than head banging volleyball. On the court, Nikki plays like he's on stage with his 80's metal band. He's flamboyant, outrageous and loves to scream his own name when having sex!
  • Scrummy O'Doole
    • When he's not setting a volleyball, the legendary soccer hooligan can be seen drinking himself into a coma. Scrummy is an expert spiker, as well as an expert marksman in projectile vomiting.


Just like in OUTLAW GOLF, a key element to keeping your character's sanity is to take it out on someone else. Players can challenge one of the opposing team members to a fight. Winners take their opponent's momentum, gaining power for turbo moves. Similar to other fighting games, controls include punching, kicking and blocking.


Want to be all you can be? Gamers can play through mini-games and drills to improve their player's attributes, improving skills and even team work.

By building your character's attributes players can then take their buff character into Xbox Live and kick the crap out of girlie-mans around the world.


The first real volleyball game for Xbox, OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL brings an arcade feel with dynamic real-world ball physics. In single and two player mode, gamers can be assisted with a computer controlled partner or take total control and play both characters.


OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL will be the first volleyball game to be on Xbox Live, allowing gamers to compete against others from around the world.

Doing the group thing? Gamers can play against up to 4 opponents (2 on each side) and with Xbox Live gamers can play with others from around the world.


Steve Carell who is known for his hilarious reports on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, provides the play-by-play commentary in OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL. Mr. Carell can be seen in the #1 movie in the country "Bruce Almighty" starring Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston. He is also starring in the hit NBC comedy "Watching Ellie."

AVAILABLITY : OUTLAW VOLLEYBALL will be available in June 2003 for the Xbox.

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