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'Sonic Pinball Party' For GBA Available Now

by Thomas on May 29, 2003 @ 2:56 a.m. PDT

It's time to get the party started right! SEGA today announced Sonic's return to the Game Boy Advance with the launch of "Sonic Pinball Party." In the ultimate handheld pinball experience, "Sonic Pinball Party" delivers fresh pinball boards filled with SONICTEAM characters and a huge assortment of multiplayer party games playable via the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

"'Sonic Pinball Party' is the definitive party on-the-go, taking classic pinball action to a whole new level," said Mike Fischer, vice president of marketing, SEGA of America. "Gamers can challenge friends to heated pinball play anytime or anywhere via the Game Link cable, or try to beat their own best scores. It's pure pick-up-and-play portable Sonic fun."

With SONICTEAM characters from "Sonic The Hedgehog®," "Samba de AmigoTM" and "NightsTM," "Sonic Pinball Party" challenges players to shoot, tilt, and flip their way through a slew of pinball boards, lightning fast mini-games and party games that promise to give gamers the pinball fix they've been craving.

The game features five modes of play including Arcade Mode, Vs. Mode, Story Mode, Casinopolis and the Chao Garden, as well as hidden zones and mini-games including Roulette, Slots and Bingo. As if that wasn't enough, "Sonic Pinball Party" includes three party games to extend the fun: Hot Potato, Air Hockey and Ladders. Finally, via the Nintendo GameCubeTM Game Boy® Advance cable, players can once again experience Chao-raising fun by connecting to SEGA's "Sonic Adventure DX Director's CutTM," launching in June on Nintendo GameCubeTM.

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