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CDV Ships 'Combat Mission: Special Edition'

by Rainier on May 29, 2003 @ 1:35 p.m. PDT

CDV announces that "Combat Mission Beyond Overlord: Special Edition" for the PC is available in retail stores. Lauded by GameSpot as "one of the best war games ever made for the computer," "Combat Mission" combines turn-based and real-time tactical action. Previously only offered for sale online, the special retail version of this World War II game includes more than 100 additional scenarios, improved in-game environments, and new vehicles, uniforms and enhanced sound.

About "Combat Mission Special Edition"

Combining unparalleled game depth and ease of use with a true 3D environment, "Combat Mission Special Edition" offers turn-based hybrid simulation of WWII tactical warfare.

The game takes the player through historical scenarios and campaigns set in WWII's Western front, from the massive allied assault in Normandy to the end of the war in Europe. As a German or Allied Force Commander, players battle across blockades, tackle a village, drive through the plains, delve into the woods, and slug it out in a city.

Features for "Combat Mission Special Edition" include:

  • Enhanced terrains and environments, including trees, roads, sky, and buildings
  • More than 125 vehicles, improved for both Allied and Axis forces
  • Six different armies, including U.S., Germany, U.K., France, Canada, and Poland
  • Soldiers speak in their native language
  • More than 150 of the best-rated scenarios

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