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Offworld Resource Base (O.R.B) - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 5, 2003 @ 12:48 a.m. PDT

O.R.B. is a visually stunning 3D Real-Time strategy game that pits the forces of two races against each other in a desperate struggle to control the resources they need to expand their empires. O.R.B. stands for Off World Resource Base and what happens in the ‘Off World’ is the stuff that dreams or nightmares are made of. This update (v1.04) adds 4 new playable units, 2 new Alien units, 8 new Skirmish/MP scenarios, new weapons, new and improved sound effects, improves multiplayer stability, AI behavior, loading time, and more. This update works for US/UK versions. Read more for download links ...

Get the O.R.B v1.03 ->v1.04 patch off Worthplaying (56mb)

Get the O.R.B v1.04 patch off Worthplaying (57mb)

  • 2D tactical replaced by a 3D tactical
  • 4 new playable units
  • 2 Malus frigates
  • 2 Alyssian frigates
  • 2 new Alien units
  • 1 Kyulek Carrier
  • 1 Elathan Carrier
  • 8 new Skirmish/MP scenarios
  • New weapons
  • New and improved sound effects
  • Blasters
  • UI buttons
  • UI effects
  • Engine sounds
  • Multiplayer stability improvements
  • Network code enhancements, MP games run extremely smoother.
  • Improved loading time by 200%
  • Improved AI behavior
  • Improved explosions
  • Build screen "Pause" button
  • Improved Minimap
  • Radar
  • Unit selection visual feedback
  • Revised Frontend Menus
  • Improved Gamespy/Gamespy Arcade support
  • Maximum Cap ships up to 20

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