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'Interstellar Trader 2' - Patch Released

by Thomas on May 5, 2003 @ 9:14 a.m. PDT

Interstellar Trader 2, the latest release from Shrapnel Games, now has a patch available that brings the game up to version 1.3. The 422 KB sized patch is available here. The patch includes a wide variety of modifications to the game. While there are the normal changes found in a patch (i.e. stomping out pesky bugs), a number of the revisions are gameplay related.. Read more for a complete list of fixes/additions.
  • Added Rarity ratings to all the individual items in the game, which are displayed on the Trade Center screen in the city, and can change throughout the game. Rating code: UR=Ultra Rare, R=Rare, U=Uncommon, C=Common.
  • Changed the price structure of the game to allow for greater variety in prices among items, especially items of differing rarities. Made numerous small tweaks to more accurately simulate a changing economy.
  • Tweaked the way gas is used in the game: it will use more as your cargo capacity increases.
  • Tweaked ship durability wear to be increased slightly.
  • Changed the way things are paid for in the game to be more consistent. Now just about everything in the game can be paid for with held money first, then it checks your savings and takes it from there if you are not holding enough, and finally it loans you the money as the third fallback. The only items you cannot pay for with loans are fleet ships and new ships from the dealership, and special wandering merchant offers.
  • Added required set antes to all the casino games, to add more of a gambling element to them.
  • Changed the starting interest rates at the bank to eliminate the early strategy of borrowing money and getting a higher interest rate from the savings right away.
  • You now no longer need to exit the game after saving.
  • Added a ship icon to the currently occupied planet.
  • Added several new random events.
  • Now a ship's Durability decreases by up to 40% after a lost combat due to damage to the ship.
  • Increased the quantity of items available in each slot, and increases it further as you advance in the timeline of the game. This is to prevent your ship having too much empty space later in the game.
  • Added the rare possibility of being killed by the pirates after being defeated in combat.
  • Added the rare possibility of being killed by your ship overheating and exploding after using Suicide Volley.

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