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'LMA Manager 2004' Confirmed For PS2/Xbox - Screens

by Thomas on May 6, 2003 @ 6:09 a.m. PDT

The most successful football management series ever for video game consoles is set to evolve this October as Codemasters confirms LMA Manager 2004 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Introducing major new gameplay elements, LMA Manager 2004 will be a true advancement for the series, renowned as the most emotive and entertaining football management game designed exclusively for console players. Making it as stimulating visually as it is mentally, LMA Manager 2004 will give the series a whole new look. There are also more flexible management options, even more 2003/2004-season player stats, an engrossing new Fantasy Team game mode and, for seasoned managers, a challenging Expert setting in the full game.

In addition to the game's playable English, Scottish, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues, the game boosts the transfer market with players available from the top leagues in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, taking the total number of players available close to 19,000.

Codemasters is also providing dedicated features for the Xbox edition of the game, including the use of XboxTM Live, which will be used to offer a download of any mid-season player transfers.

Also for Xbox players, the real-time dugout shouts feature - whereby you can make tactical changes at any time during the 3D match - really become shouts as LMA Manager 2004 enables voice control using the Xbox Communicator headset. Gamers can literally shout instructions to the team into the microphone and see their verbal commands acted on by the players on the pitch.

Says Craig Bexon, producer of LMA Manager 2004:
"As the all-new player in the best-selling series, LMA Manager 2004 takes football management gaming forward from just looking at numbers and statistics towards a gripping video game where your decisions, the match and feedback from staff are key to the whole experience of running your team the way you want to."

Delivering a compulsive game appealing to all football fans, Codemasters' LMA Manager 2004 will launch for PlayStation 2 and Xbox this October.


  • All the 2003/2004 seasons stats for the playable Euro leagues
  • Introduction of South American clubs in the transfer market
  • The best football management game control interface ever
  • Entertaining, rewarding and more realistic 3D match section
  • More dugout shouts, more immediate response from the team
  • Dynamic and stylish new look throughout the game
  • Individual player tactics
  • New Fantasy Team game mode and new Expert setting
  • Xbox exclusive features - downloadable transfer data via Xbox Live and Voice Communicator compatibility to really make those dugout shouts work!

*LMA Manager 2004's individual territory branding and licenses across Europe:

UK and Rest of Europe - LMA Manager 2004
France - Roger Lemerre: La Sélection des Champions 2004
Germany - BDFL Manager 2004
Spain - Manager de Liga 2004
Italy - Football Manager Campionato 2004

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