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Mad Catz Reveals 2003 E3 Lineup

by Thomas on May 7, 2003 @ 5:34 a.m. PDT

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (Amex: MCZ; Toronto), the world's leading third party video game accessory manufacturer, today announced the Company's lineup of new video game accessories to showcase at the Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, May 14 -16, 2003. Check out the line-up below!

"The video game industry has enjoyed tremendous success this past year due to the release of more 'AAA' titles, the introduction of the GBA SP and the price drop of consoles," says Darren Richardson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mad Catz, Inc. "These events have further fueled an increase in consumer demand for accessories of all the video game systems. Mad Catz is well positioned to increase its share of the market and is excited to showcase high quality, cutting-edge peripherals at this year's E3 event."

Some of the innovative products the Company will reveal at E3 include:

RetroCON(TM) (PlayStation(R)2)

Classically designed to take you back to the early days of gaming yet with
all the innovation and functionality of today.
* Full featured controller with a classic design
* Fully analog action buttons and D-pad for precise control
* Durable 7 foot braided cable give you the room you need
* Two vibration motors let you feel the action

Beat Pad(TM) (Xbox)

The new and only Beat Pad available for Konami's much anticipated Dance,
Dance Revolution3 (DDR3) and other Xbox titles.
* New, high-tech design
* 10 high-performance action pads/buttons
* 4-way directional control
* Fully featured digital controller
* Play games the way they are meant to be played
* Works great for action and dancing games

LumiCON(TM) LED Controller (PlayStation®2, PSone®, PlayStation® and Xbox(TM))

Now you can play in the dark. This controller actually glows in your hands as you you're your favorite PlayStation or Xbox title. Performance and style are the keys to this illuminated controller. Make a statement while playing with your friends.

Warm LED underglow for extra coolness
Gold contacts for superior signal transfer
Fully analog action buttons and D-pad
Durable 8 foot braided cable
Two vibration motors let you feel the action
Blaster(TM) (Xbox)

Mad Catz has improved upon the Xbox controller gun released in the U.S. to
support your HDTV.
* Auto-fire/auto-reload, Shotgun, and Burst firing modes
* Works with all compatible light gun games
* Intense vibration feedback for added realism
* Use a memory card like ammo for fast game saves
* Heavy-duty trigger mechanism stands up to white-knuckle play
* Rubberized grip for ultimate gun control

Online Gaming Starter Kit

A top line solution for all your online gaming needs -- works seamlessly
with your home network and online gaming devices.
* Online Gaming Router
* Play online games seamlessly
* Firewall security
* Share a broadband connection with multiple devices
* Automatically manages connection speed over the network for maximum
* Easy to set-up with simple online web interface
* LED indicators keep you informed about your network connectivity

Online Gaming Cables (2)
* Perfect in conjunction with 10 and 100 Base-T, and even 1,000 Base-T
* 50-micron gold plated connectors to insure a clean and clear
* Premium snagless-type moldings to protect the connection

Ultra HeadCom(TM) (Xbox)

Replacement headset for Xbox Live
* Featherweight, durable design fits either ear comfortably
* Adjustable noise-canceling microphone
* Ultra crystal-clear communication and sound quality

S-Type Pro Controller (Xbox)

All the benefits of the officially licensed Mad Catz Control Pad Pro for
Xbox in a new compact, ergonomic design.
* Familiar Controller S button layout
* Comfortable ergonomic design
* Fully analog joysticks and D-Pad
* Fully analog triggers and action buttons
* Grooved rubber grips for improved handling
* Macro button for programming complex moves

HDTV Universal System Selector (PlayStation2, GameCube, Xbox, HDTV and DVD)

The Mad Catz HDTV Component System Selector allows you to maximize image
resolution for all your HDTV gaming.
* Maximum color separation means more precise images
* Connect entire home entertainment system through the System Selector
* Connect up to four (4) video game consoles to your Component-ready TV
* Required to connect to a High Definition source to your HD ready TV
* Easily switch between game systems, VCR's and DVD's
* Component connection for maximum video resolution

Lynx(TM) Wireless Controller (Xbox)

Cutting-edge RF wireless technology lets you cut loose from the controller
cables, giving you freedom of unblockable wireless technology.
* Unblockable 2.4 Ghz RF wireless technology for global compatibility
* 40 foot range lets you play from anywhere in the room
* Dual vibration motors let you feel the action
* Fully analog pressure sensitive action buttons and joysticks
* Rubberized grips for superior handling and comfort

Ultra Beat Pad(TM) (PlayStation2, PlayStation1 and PlayStation)

New and improved beat pad with multiple lights designed specifically for
your favorite dance games.
* Acts as a fully featured digital controller
* Works great with action and dancing games
* Ten (10) high-performance action pads/buttons
* Rubberized "no-slip" bottom
* Flashing perimeter disco lighting
* Thick, heavy-duty padding
* 4-way directional control

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